Get your local business noticed. Advertise on large-format paper and digital billboards to reach customers where the live, commute, work and socialise.

With a portfolio of paper and digital billboards in towns and cities across the country, 75Media is well-placed to help businesses of all sizes increase their exposure through the power of out-of-home billboard advertising.

Still unsure? Check out these statistics that demonstrate the outstanding benefits of advertising outdoors.

Billboard advertising

Roadside, high street and shopping centre billboard advertising, by its very nature, creates impact. Whether static and steady or digital and dynamic, billboard advertising works to capture the attention of vehicle users, pedestrians and shoppers when they have the time and inclination to engage.

Billboards represent one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising in the modern age, when they’re placed in prominent locations with high levels of traffic and footfall. They are also a lot less expensive than you might think. Secure even greater savings through long-term bookings or 75media’s ‘mini circuits’, which make your marketing spend go that little bit further.

Through billboard advertising, you can simultaneously target core customer segments and optimise your local reach, while reducing your marketing costs in the process. This makes it an ideal channel to compete with larger firms and really get noticed.

Outdoor Advertising Statistics

Insightful statistics which showcase the real power that billboard advertising offers to brands 

  • 98% of the population will see some form of out of home (OOH) advertising each and every week.

  • People who have seen an OOH advert are 17% more likely to interact with the brand or campaign.

  • Nearly half of consumers see some form of OOH advertising an hour before shopping online.

  • 38% of drivers stop at an establishment that they saw advertised on a billboard during their ride home.
Landlord Billboard

Landlords! Got a billboard on your property or thinking about installing one?

Tired of rents going down year after year?

Looking for a long-term contract or asset release?

75media could be the solution you’re looking for. Speak to us today to see if you’re eligible for an offer.

Are you a single or multi-site billboard owner whose locations are no longer generating the level of income that they once did? Find out more.

If you’re a property or landowner looking to make passive revenue, 75media can help you find areas to place billboards. Find out more.

If you own a large format 48/96 network and you’d like to work with one of the fastest growing OOH networks in the UK, 75media would be a perfect solution. Find out more.

A Few Brands We Work With

75media is proud to work with hundreds of respected brands throughout the UK.

Leeds Grand Theatre
South Cheshire College
Northern Ballet
St Gemmas Hospital
Brittany Ferries
Barnsley college

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Ready to Thrive?

Most small businesses think billboard advertising is too expensive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Advertising on large format billboards costs as little as £22 per day! Arrange a callback with one of our outdoor advertising specialists today.