While Loughborough may lack the commercial potential of London or the population of metropolitan cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, it is arguably the ideal location for advertisers to target.

Make no mistake; this humble market town has evolved considerably since its emergence as a focal point for the Industrial Revolution in the UK, when Loughborough was a central hub for the manufacturing of locomotives and then motor cars.

Now boasting a diverse economy, outstanding transport links and a youthful demographic, it is easy to see why advertising in Loughborough is such a key priority for businesses.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Loughborough?

Loughborough’s reputation as an industrial centre continued into the 20th century, when the famous Empress Works in Moor Lane was established as one of the foremost crane manufacturers by 1950s.

Loughborough’s economy has diversified further since this time, however, with its famous University central to this growth. This establishment, which was voted by the Times as Britain’s ninth best University back in 2004, was founded in 1909 while the region’s University of Technology was also built in 1966. Popular among students from all over the UK, this has created a young and energetic consumer base for local brands and advertisers to target.

The area has also seen significant regeneration in recent times, although care has been taken not to compromise Loughborough’s heritage as a market town. The so-called Eastern Gateway was a major development that was completed in 2013, and one that modernised the region’s roads and supplied a number of new-build houses.

Loughborough is also within touching distance of prominent cities such as Nottingham and Derby, while it also excellent proximity and transport links to the East Midlands Airport.


Loughborough’s Population and Demographics

According to the last census data, Loughborough has a population of 59,932. It is currently estimated to be in the region of 64,014, however, with approximately 51% of the population male and 49% female.

There is also a low median age in Loughborough, with a disproportionately high number of residents classified as students. In fact, there are an estimated 21,101 citizens aged between 15 and 29, and this accounts for a staggering 35% of the local population. This makes for a young and engaged audience for advertisers to target, including students, young professionals and Millennials.

Loughborough is also one of the largest boroughs in Charnwood, with an estimated 17.9% of the population working in a professional capacity. A further 12.2% operate at associate professional and technical level, with the University established as one of the region’s most prolific employers. Approximately 12.2% of the population also work as skilled tradespeople, which reaffirms Loughborough’s heritage as an industrial and fast evolving market town.

Advertisers will also be interested to know that 59.5% of the local population is either married or in a committed relationship with a partner. Conversely, just 25.1% are single and have never married, while 7.5% would categorise themselves as being divorced or separated from a partner.


The Benefits of Outdoor Advertising in Loughborough

As a proud market town that is continuing to evolve and regenerate, it is easy to see why Loughborough is popular among advertisers. There is also an argument which suggests that out-of-the-home (OOH) advertising is the most effective way of targeting Loughborough locals, particularly given its core demographics.

It is well known that customers who engage with billboards and OOH materials are 17% more likely to engage with an associated brand through their smartphone, making it particularly impactful on younger audiences and Millennials. Loughborough University is consistently ranked in the top 10 educational establishments in the UK, while it also boasts the largest sports scholarship scheme in Britain.

So not only are vehicles such as traditional billboards affordable, but they can also be used in Loughborough to optimise your marketing ROI.