A small town in Sandwell in the West Midlands, Smethwick is considered by many to be the heartland of the Black Country. 

It’s also a town with a rich and diverse heritage, from its first mention in the Doomsday Book to its evolution as a steel and industrial powerhouse by at the turn of the 19th century. Prior to this, Smethwick had been a largely rural region that was dominated by farming, like many areas located across the length and breadth of the UK. 

Regardless, Smethwick has always been an incredibly earnest and hard-working town, whilst its citizens are amongst the most discerning customers in the country. 

Why Advertise on Billboards in Smethwick? 

When the Industrial Revolution began in the 19th century, the West Midlands was one of the primary beneficiaries.  

This was largely thanks to towns like Smethwick, which is located on the banks of the Birmingham Canal and became a popular home for much of the heavy industry based in the Midlands. 

Of course, the global economy has changed considerably since the Industrial Revolution, with most steel and engine production plants in Smethwick having long since closed their doors. The town’s iconic Mitchells & Butlers brewery in Cape Hill also closed after years of decline in 2002, when its American owners Coors brought 123 years of heritage and history to an end. 

However, Smethwick remains to home a number of small and independent factories in the modern age, whilst other traditional industries such as printing also retain a significant presence in the region. 

This makes the region attractive for advertisers, who can target both local businesses and customers who continue to benefit from a stable labour market and a relatively competitive employment rate.  

Smethwick also continues to attract new businesses, with its central location and excellent transport links (including rail and bus) having encouraged the courier firm Interlink Express to establish its head office and national distribution hub there in 2000. 

This huge firm is now a significant employer in the town, and this has boosted both the profile of Smethwick and the spending power of locals. 

Smethwick’s Population and Demographics 

According to the latest census data, the population of Smethwick was 14,146, with a gender split of 51% females and 49% males. 

Whilst the marginally higher proportion of females is not unusual, it’s fair to say that Smethwick boasts a relatively young demographic. In fact, the average age of people in Smethwick is 36, whilst the median age is even lower at just 34. 

This is great news from an advertiser’s perspective, as the town is clearly home to a high proportion of Millennials (who are set to become the single most influential consumer demographic as they’re youngest members enter into adulthood). 

As you can imagine for a town with such a rich heritage in manufacturing and production, elementary and entry-level occupations dominate the employment market. In fact, elementary and administration roles account for a hefty 33.4% of the workforce, whilst a further 13% of locals work as process, plant and machine operatives.  

With 11.5% of the town’s population also working in social care, leisure and similar services, we can see that at least 58.9% of the total workforce undertake low-skilled roles. 

However, 21% of the local population also work in skilled trades and professional positions, with this number having increased markedly on the previous decade. This reflects the town’s excellent transport links and relatively close proximity to Birmingham City, which is yet another huge draw for OOH advertisers targeting busy commuter routes. 

Smethwick is also a town based on traditional values, with 40.3% of locals married and 48.7% currently engaged in serious relationships.  

This is useful information from an advertising perspective, as it provides some insight into the products and services that are likely to sell well in Smethwick and the most effective ways of marketing them. 


Why is Outdoor Advertising in Smethwick Beneficial? 

Whilst Smethwick may not be the most glamourous or high-profile towns, it’s heritage, history and ability to adapt to economic change is something to be admired. 

It’s also a primarily working-class town that has remained true to its roots through the ages, with small-scale manufacturing, plant processing and factory job roles continuing to dominate the local economy. 

As a result, Smethwick is home to a young, engaged and value-conscious population, who are incredibly savvy shoppers with a discerning eye for a bargain.  

When you consider this alongside the local transport links, outdoor advertising represents an extremely effectively ways of targeting customers in Smethwick and achieving a superior ROI on any marketing campaign!