While advertising in the Derbyshire town in Swadlincote is a far cry from promoting your brand amid the bright lights of London, there is a great deal to be said for targeting local  customers in regional locations.

This is especially true in locations such as Swadlincote, which is a relatively small town that is home to hard-working residents and traditional values.

With a strong heritage in manufacturing and production, it remains a largely industrial town in which value for money is the main priority among customers.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Swadlincote?

Swadlincote’s proud history can be traced back to the Domesday Book of 1086, which described the location as a small manor that was part of the Gresley parish. It has grown considerably since this time, however, building a strong manufacturing presence and establishing itself at the centre of the South Derbyshire coal industry during the 1980s.

Historically renowned for the production of pipes and earthenware, it is fair to say that Swadlincote has had to evolve since the closure of the Rawdon Collary in 1993. Since that time, it has followed the example of similar Northern and Midland towns, by developing a thriving service industry and diversifying its economic interests.

With the town now also a hub for lighting manufacturing, it is fair to say that Swadlincote has modernised its manufacturing output while enhancing its economic potential for local advertisers.

The town has also enjoyed some impressive regeneration since 2008, including the development of a new retail complex and the construction of a new Barracuda branded bar and restaurant at the site of the former Empire Cinema. This has promoted further growth and created numerous jobs in the region, boosting earnings and disposable income in the process.


Swadlincote’s Population and Demographics

Swadlincote’s latest census figures make for interesting reading, with its population having swelled to 7,848 as of 2011. There is also a relatively even gender split, with 51% of the population male and the remaining 49% female.

The average age of people in Swadlincote is 39, while the median age is a little higher at 40. This has fallen as the town has diversified in recent years, creating a slightly younger target market that may be a little more inclined to spend their cash and disposable income.

As you would expect for a largely industrial and service-driven town, manual jobs dominate the economy. In total, 26.5% of the local population work as either skilled tradespeople or machine operatives, with a further 11.3% operating as elementary administration and service assistants. Conversely, just 10.3% are classed as professional, hinting at a value conscious demographic that gives particularly careful consideration to each and every one of its purchasing decisions.

In terms of values, it is fair to say that Swadlincote is a relatively conservative town in which 63.9% of the population are either married or cohabiting with a partner. Conversely, just 20.2% are single, so there is a strong family market for advertisers to target within the region.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Swadlincote is Beneficial

With an increasingly energetic and relatively young population, Swadlincote is a vibrant hub of activity in which customers are always keen to connect with local brands that boast fair and competitive pricing.

Out-of-the-home (OOH) advertising is one of the best ways to engage the town’s demographics too, as its affordable nature enables businesses to effectively target large audiences while also optimising their marketing ROI.

This, coupled with the location’s clearly defined behaviours and values, make Swadlincote something of a hidden gem for advertisers to target in the modern age.