While it may be easier for other cities and towns to initially capture the imagination of marketers, advertising in Worksop can deliver huge rewards for brands.

A thriving market town that sits at the northern edge of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, it has existed since Anglo Saxon times while its close proximity to a number of ducal country estates has seen it dubbed the ‘gateway to the Dukeries’.

This highlights the relatively affluent and wealthy nature of the region, which continues to boast a mature and knowledgable consumer base for businesses to target.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Worksop?

Worksop is a unique British town, and one that has enjoyed considerable growth and regeneration while also retaining its historic charm and identity. It hasn’t always been plain sailing for this former industrial town, however, which suffered immensely with the collapse of the coal mining sector in the 1980s.

Fortunately, the local economy has diversified and rebounded in the two decades since, with Workshop having reinvested itself as a service, retail and manufacturing hub while seeing its unemployment rate drop below the national average. The Premier Foods UK brand is the embodiment of everything that Worksop has to offer, while this is a key driver of growth and opportunity within the region.

The town’s regeneration has been pioneered by the Worksop Renaissance Partnership, which has invested heavily in the region and brought a number of retail businesses to the town. These include large high-street names such as Boots, Matalan and Dorothy Perkins, and this (in conjunction with numerous new-build housing schemes) has significantly boosted job creation while increasing the amount that Worksop’s hard-working residents have to spend.

This is great news for advertisers, who are always looking to capitalise on regional growth and trends to successfully market their goods.


Worksop’s Population and Demographics

The 2011 census fixed Worksop’s population in excess of 40,000, while the figure was confirmed as 44,970 by the summer of 2012. In terms of gender demographics, approximately 51% of the population are females with the remaining 49% male.

We have already touched on the fact that Worksop has a relatively mature population, with an average and a median age of 43 and 44 respectively. This creates a considered and value-conscious customer base, and one that has a higher than average amount of disposable income.

This is reflected by the primary occupations in the region, with 13.7% of the population employed as professionals and 12.3% working in a managerial capacity. Similarly. 11.4% operate as skilled tradespeople, meaning that more than one third of the population boasts advanced accreditation within the workplace. Worksop’s thriving manufacturing sector is also well-represented, with 11.8% of employees working as process, plant and machine operatives.

As you would expect from such a quaint and prosperous town, Worksop is also popular among families. An estimated 67.2% of the population is either married or cohabiting with a partner, while just 18.7% are single and have never tied the knot. A further 7.3% are separated or divorced, so there is a clear emphasis on family values and brands that tailor to these.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Worksop is Beneficial

While Worksop may be a small and quaint market town, it is home to a mature and successful consumer base that has ample disposable income to spend.

This makes advertising in Worksop a potentially profitable exercise for businesses, particularly those that leverage out-of-the-home (OOH) channels.

This targeted and low cost methods delivers an excellent ROI, while it provides a more organic and engaging proposition for thoughtful customers with knowledge of a particular market.