The town of Blaydon (or Blaydon-on-Tyne) is located in the North East borough of Gateshead. Formerly a part of County Durham, it is renowned as a popular destination for commuters thanks to its close proximity to Newcastle.

By establishing itself as a convenient hub for a small community of commuting professionals, it has managed to make the successful transition from a traditional coal mining town to a relevant location with huge commercial potential.

In fact, advertising in Blaydon is becoming an increasingly rewarding exercise, and one that helps to connect brands with an affluent and increasingly professional consumer base.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Blaydon?

Make no mistake; the transition made by Blaydon during its recent history is something truly impressive. A powerhouse of the industrial revolution and a fulcrum for the North East’s dominant coal mining sector, the town faced an uncertain future after the industry declined at the turn of the 1960s.

It has responded to this with fortitude and intelligence, initially by investing in significant residential and retail regeneration. Between 2009 and 2014, new housing developments were commissioned at High View on the Winlaton-Blaydon border and the site at Axwell Gardens. This, along with the redevelopment of the town’s major shopping centre, created a thriving hub in which a growing number of brands could target customers.

This also allowed Blaydon to leverage its close proximity to Newcastle, creating the type of energised and affluent demographic that advertisers crave.

As with similar North East towns that once drove the industrial revolution, Blaydon has also diversified its economy by branching out into services and other types of manufacturing. This has helped the location to retain its core identity, while sustaining employment and prosperity for its older residents.


Blaydon’s Population and Demographics

The last census revealed that the population of Blaydon was estimated at 10,365, although a more recent study suggested that the figure had increased to 13,896. Approximately 53% of this population are female, with the remaining 47% male.

The town’s emergence as a commuter hub has seen an influx of younger professionals in recent times, which has the lowered the average and median age in the town to 38.

This is good news for advertisers, while it is also borne out by the popular occupations of Blaydon residents. Up to 14.6% of the population boast a professional occupation, for example, with a further 12.1% working in office-based administration and secretarial roles. Similarly, 11.6% work as skilled tradespeople, so there are clearly affluent demographics for marketers to target in Blaydon.

In terms of cultural demographics, Blaydon is dominated by British residents for whom English is their first language.  95.5% of people living in the town were born in England, for example, while a total of 97.4% originate from the UK. Overall, 98.6% are registered as speaking English as their first language, creating a large market for advertisers to target.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Blaydon can Benefit your Brand

Despite its relatively humble origins, Blaydon has quickly adapted to the decline of the coal mining industry that once drove its economy. While the same can be said for a number of fellow towns in the North East, Blaydon is one of the few to have used its location to become a popular commuter hub.

This has had the added benefit of drawing a professional demographic to the area, which in turn has enabled local businesses to target more affluent customers. With the average and median age falling, it is also clear that a growing number of Millennials and young professionals are being attracted to Blaydon.

For brands looking to target these consumers, outdoor advertising may offer the best value. After all, channels such as billboards are cost-effective and known to engage up to 70% of consumers, while they can also be used to target a professional audience at train stations, bus stops and busy commuter locations.