As a coastal city that sits at the mouth of the River Wear, Sunderland has always combined industry and toil with picturesque views, while its evolution since the 1980s has established as a thriving northern hub.

As a result, advertising in Sunderland is now something that pays dividends for numerous businesses across a wide range of markets.

From a traditional port location to a prosperous manufacturing and automotive centre, the city of Sunderland has been reborn in the digital age.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Sunderland?

Sunderland was one of many northern towns that endured a difficult transition during the 1980s, as traditional industries such as coal mining and ship-building (which were central to the cities economic growth at the time) began to collapse.

Despite the location’s proud heritage as a port and shop-building giant, Sunderland quickly adapted to change and began a process of huge regeneration. This focused on the central business district and the busy river corridor, helping to diversify the economy while providing an attractive proposition for both businesses and advertisers alike.

Over time, Sunderland as also become a central hub for the global automotive sector, with Japanese car manufacturer Nissan having been based in the region since 1986, This company remains the largest employer in the region, the plant in Sunderland is the largest single site of its type in the UK.

With Sunderland having also followed the nationwide trend of embracing new service industries, the city has been able to attract a number of leading national and international businesses (such as Barclays and Royal Mail) to the area. This is great news for advertisers, who can forge partnerships while promoting their products to an increasingly engaged consumer base.

The city also boasts one of the most passionately supported football clubs in England, and while Sunderland may have endured a turbulent season last time out they remain a popular target for advertisers in the region.


Sunderland’s Population and Demographics

Sunderland has a bustling population of 275,506 according to the latest data, with gender split of 51% females and 49% males.

The average age of residents in Sunderland is 40, with the median age a tad higher at 41. This makes for a slightly mature consumer base, and one which remains extremely value conscious and suspicious of overly-promotional advertising.

While the unemployment rate may have increased slightly of late, Sunderland boasts a high level of employment while the North East maintained record numbers of people in work at the end of 2016. The region’s emphasis on manufacturing means that elementary positions and administration roles are key drivers of the local economy, contributing 13.3% and 12.7% of the workforce respectively. Skilled tradespeople account for 12.1% of the local workforce, with process, plant and machines operates making up a further 9.9%,

Advertisers may also be interested to note that 94.4% of Sunderland’s population originate from England, while 96% come from other home nations within the UK. Subsequently, 97.5% of residents speak English as a first language, enabling advertisers to target a potentially larger audience with single promotions.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Sunderland is Beneficial

While Sunderland has enjoyed successful regeneration during the last three decades, its population have also remained true to their working class and value conscious roots. This means that while the typical household may not have huge amounts of disposable income to spend, they are extremely motivated by honest and transparent brands that offer genuine value for money.

This scenario makes outdoor advertising an effectively way of targeting Sunderland customers. It has an affordable medium that can optimise your ROI even when selling low margin products, for example, while it is also well-received by customers who perceive it as organic and less intrusive than digital ads.