Crewe is a unique town and civil parish in the borough of Cheshire East, and one that was at the centre of the British railway industry for decades.

In this respect, the town has faced an interesting period after the railway industry in the UK was privatised during the 1980s, and while Crewe remains active in this market it has also been forced to diversify economically during the last three decades.

Although this has proved challenges, it has made advertising in Crewe a far more viable pastime for brands, while also increasing employment through the region.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Crewe?

Crewe’s economy now provides an interesting balance between service and manufacturing sectors, and in this respect it has followed a trail that has been blazed by numerous Northern towns since the social changes of the 1980s.

Despite this, the railways still play a major role in the industry that once defined Crewe, with the reduced Crewe Works engineering facility continuing to carry out inspections and maintenance works. It still employs up to 1000 people in the region, making it an important cultural and practical feature of the economic landscape. The site has also diversified by selling of land to retail operators and supermarkets, creating further jobs and numerous opportunities to advertisers.

Marketers may also be interested to note that Crewe has also moved successfully into automotive production, with the Bentley Factory on Pyms Lane the sole manufacturer of this famous vehicle in the UK. This site employs an estimated 3,500 of the local population, making a key driver of the economy and consumer spending.

Crewe is also home to a number of business parks, which typically host light industry, service-based firms and large offices. Air Products, Barclay’s Bank and Fujitsu Services Ltd. all have bases in Crewe, creating numerous opportunities for local advertisers to promote their products or services and form commercial partnerships.

Crewe Alexandra are also widely followed as the town’s local football team, with the side currently performing in League Two. Its fans are both loyal and passionate, while the club has offered various sponsorship opportunities to local businesses in recent times.


Crewe’s Population and Demographics

The town of Crewe has a deceptively large population of 72,863, with an even demographic split of 51% and 49% between female and male citizens respectively.

Crewe is also split between East, West and central locations, and across these districts residents have an average and a median age of 42 and 43 respectively. This has fallen incrementally as the town’s economy has diversified, and which it has enabled local advertisers to increase their potential target audience the town retains a mature and considered consumer base.

Approximately 19.5% of the local population are now aged between 30 and 44, however, and this is likely to increase in the future as the economy continues to evolve.

As you would expect from a town with a more mature audience, Crewe’s workforce boast traditional skills and accreditations. This means that while there is a paucity of professionals living in the town, a staggering 49.7% of the population work in elementary jobs roles or as process, plant and machine operatives. Skilled tradesmen also account for 12.9% of the workforce, which reflects greater diversity and has boosted the average household’s disposable income noticeably.

Interestingly, Crewe also boasts immigration levels that are far lower than the national average. In total, 95% of the local population originate from the UK or the Republic of Ireland, with a further 2.3% having migrated from the EU and 2.7% from further afield. This minimises cultural and language barriers facing local advertisers, so it is an interesting consideration for businesses.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Crewe is Beneficial

Crewe will always be renowned as a railway town, particularly as it maintains such strong links to its heritage. The diversification of the town’s economy cannot be ignored, however,as this has helped to establish Crewe as a prosperous hub for manufacturing, services and automotive production.

Crewe boasts lower than average unemployment too, while the rate of claiming any benefit is more than 10% below the national average. This indicates that salaries are relatively high in the area, creating a viable proposition for local advertisers.

This combination of an engaged workforce and high salaries makes outdoor advertising the best method for targeting Crewe’s population, as this is ideal for targeting busy consumers as they go about their daily commute and business.