Over time, advertising in Manchester has become a lucrative pastime, as the city has drawn a more professional audience and benefited from significant brand investment.

Let’s be clear, if there is one city in the UK that embodies the spirit of growth and regeneration, it is Manchester.

Now arguably ahead of Birmingham as the UK’s second city, Manchester continues to thrive and offer considerable opportunities for local businesses to thrive. But what exactly distinguishes Manchester as such as hotbed of commercial and consumer activity?


Why Advertise on Billboards in Manchester?

Once a small Lancastrian town, Manchester has evolved at a considerable rate throughout its history, serving as a fulcrum for the industrial revolution before becoming a bustling metropolis that is home to various media, finance and professional outlets.

While other cities in the UK can boast a similar evolution, few have experienced regeneration at the pace as Manchester, particularly after the cotton and textile industries declined after the Second World War. In terms of the economy, the city now has the largest UK office market outside of the capital, with an estimated 20% of the workforce classed as professionals.

A further 12.4% work in professional and technical sector, and this creates a dynamic society that has plenty of disposable income to reinvest into the economy. Those advertising in Manchester have the chance to capitalise on this, by targeting affluent consumers throughout the city.

Remember, Manchester is also home to two of the biggest football clubs in Europe, highlighting the passion that exists for the sport and reinforcing its importance in the lives of consumers.


Manchester Population and Demographics

According to the latest census figures from 2015, the population of Manchester was 530,300, with an even split between males and females. This creates a broad and diverse target market for businesses, who can successfully promote an array of products and services within the city.

Additionally, the average age of people in the city is 33, with the median age even younger at 29. This captures the youthful and dynamic nature of the cities citizens, as it has a strong Millennial presence that drives high levels of spending and consumerism. Remember, Millennials spend more than any other generation, and this makes Manchester a prime target for luxury and high-end brands.

Manchester is also recognised as a generally diverse location, both in terms of race and lifestyles. Just 71.6% of the population were born in England, for example, with a total of 76.4% classed as being of UK origin. More than 5% of residents hail from Pakistan and India, and this creates a multicultural society that represents a wide range of tastes and interests.

In terms of lifestyle, just 28.2% of the population are married, while a total of 41.7% cohabit with a partner. In contrast, 51.1% are classed as being single, separated or divorced, and this highlights an interesting mix of values and outlooks that can influence purchasing decisions.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Manchester Can Be Beneficial

As the UK’s second city, there is no doubt that Manchester offers huge potential to both local and national advertisers alike. The appeal of the city becomes even more apparent when you consider its spending power and diversity, which has created a eclectic range of tastes and a genuinely motivated consumer base.

Given the dynamic, youthful and active nature of Manchester citizens, it also makes perfect sense to advertise through traditional billboards. Not only is this a cost-effective and particularly engaging channel, but it also offers brands the chance to target Manchester’s busy customers as they go about their daily lives.