By advertising in Salford, you can leverage many benefits. The metropolitan ward of Greater Manchester is an ever-evolving hub for retail and wholesale distributors.

Back in 2015, it was revealed that the level of trust in big brands had fallen below 50%, while the number of nations with trusted institutions had also tumbled to an all-time low along the British public.

While this is to be expected when you consider the informed nature of today’s consumers, it is also fair to suggest that it has created a huge opportunity for regional firms to capitalise. It is that that driven the rise of local advertising, through which companies can use their regional knowledge to effectively target customers and optimise lead generation.


Why Advertise on Billboard in Salford?

There are number of advantages available through local advertising in Salford. While predominantly a working class and value-conscious region, Salford has undergone huge regeneration in recent times.

Salford Quays

This change has contributed to a more prosperous local economy, while the iconic Salford Quays have become home to vast commercial entities such as BBC North, Granada Television and University of Salford. Such growth has created multiple jobs and opportunities for local businesses, while also helping consumer confidence to soar.

Salford is also an historic city that has managed to remain true to its industrial roots, with more than 30% of the regions labour market committed to wholesale, manufacturing and construction. A leader of the vibrant textile industry during the 19th century, Salford often been at the forefront of advancement and human activity since the Neolithic age. This unique meld of heritage and progressiveness makes Salford truly unique, while creating various angles for skilled marketers.

As if this is not enough, don’t forget that Salford’s residents also have a pronounced love of sport. Rugby League is particularly popular, while the area has been a hotbed for Manchester United supporters for generations.


Salford’s Population and Demographics

According to the 2011 census, the population of Salford is 233,900 and has an estimated 50/50 split between male and female citizens. This creates diverse opportunity for brands and marketers, while establishing an open market in which various different types of products and services can be effectively marketed.

Salford Population
Source: Vision of Britain

The demographic data also suggests that Salford is primarily a young demographic, with an average age of 37 and a median age of just 35. This makes for a target audience that is accessible through a number of marketing channels and in touch with Salford’s burgeoning reputation as a commercial centre.

People Walking

89.3% of Salford residents were also born in the UK and Ireland, creating a predominantly English-speaking demographic that are receptive to local marketing campaigns. This may seem like a small detail, but it is one that can make a huge difference when looking to generate leads.

Marriage is clearly a popular choice in Salford, with 36.4% of locals having tied the knot. In total, 50.8% of residents are in relationships, with just 41.4% single, separated or divorced. This may be of interest to businesses that offer family-oriented products or services, who can effectively target a larger share of the market.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Salford Has Numerous Benefits

If we look at Salford’s history and core demographics, we see a hard-working and value conscious group of citizens who are increasingly young, energetic and open-minded. When you couple this with their love of various sports, it identifies outdoor and billboard advertising as the ideal channel through which to target residents.

Whether they are travelling to work or a weekly Rugby League game, the residents of Salford are increasingly likely to be engaged by accessible and cost-effective nature of outdoor advertising. This is true across a range of alternative markets and products, as the city continues to evolve while retaining its unique identity.