The coastal town of Havant sits in the southeast corner of Hampshire in England, approximately equidistant between Portsmouth and Chichester. 

Interestingly, the levels of housing and population more than doubled within the region in the 20 years immediately following World War II, with Havant now considered to be part of the Portsmouth conurbation (which is one of the 20 largest conurbations in the UK overall).

But what value does Havant offer to advertisers, and are out-of-home (OOH) channels the most effective when targeting local customers.

Why Advertise on Billboards in Havant?

Not only did the town’s population and housing swell post-1945, but so too did the region’s level of commerce and economic growth.

This is not usually following a period where population numbers soar, and it’s fair to say that Havant’s local economy has continued to grow and diversify significantly during the 21st century.

The region has also seen sustained regeneration since the turn of the century, with the main shopping centre (known colloquially as Meridian Shopping) having benefited from huge investment in recent times. This has helped to attract a number of employers to the region, while creating new and diverse job opportunities across the board.

Prominent employers in the region include Simply Beds Ltd and Aura Gas, while the popular chocolate fountain company ‘Heaavenly Fountains’ are also based in the town of Havant.

It’s also thought that Havant is home to an increasing number of residents who commute to job roles in Portsmouth and Chichester, which has in turn lowered the median age of the town and simultaneously increased the spending power of its consumers (we’ll have a little on this below).

Sports fans will also know that the town is home to the popular non-league football side Havant & Waterlooville FC. Best known for their famous FA Cup run in 2008 (which ended with an heroic 5-2 defeat to Liverpool in the fourth round), the side is a major draw for local advertisers and sponsors alike.

The Population and Demographics in Havant

While new census data is set to be released in 2021, the most recent information confirms the town’s population to be 120,684. This comprises 51% women and 495 men, while the average age of local residents is 42.

This is marginally lower than the median age of 44, while both numbers have fallen incrementally in recent times against a backdrop of increased economic diversification and Havant’s growing reputation as a commuter hotspot.

Such trends have also impacted on the nature of the Havant workforce, with professional employees accounting for 14.5% of the local labour market. Skilled and well-paid tradespeople also comprise 13.7% of the workforce, while the number of administrative (11.4%), associate professional (11.1%) and senior managerial staff (10.1%) has also increased markedly as the town has continued to evolve economically.

Advertisers will also note that a whopping 98.6% of the local Havant population speak fluent English, creating opportunities to target customers en masse in the town. 

There’s also a broad coalition of married, partnered and single citizens in the town, creating further diversification that can be capitalised on by a number of different brands.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Havant is Beneficial

As we can see, Havant boasts diverse demographics and an increasingly broad economy, which combine to appeal to advertisers across a wide array of markets and industries.

Given the declining average age of residents and the town’s reputation as a popular commuter hub, outdoor advertising mediums seem to offer the best value to brands. 

After all, younger and employed residents spend more time out of the home, whether they’re commuting to work or spending their hard-earned cash within the local community.