Not only is the county town of Aylesbury quintessentially English in its nature, but it is also home to a local economy that continues to thrive.

In this respect, advertising in Aylesbury makes perfect sense in the modern age, with the region having benefited from considerable regeneration during the 21st century and further proposals likely to trigger continued economic diversification in the years to come.

So while studies may have shown that Aylesbury is one of the UK’s oldest towns with a heritage that dates back to the Iron Age, it is also a location that clearly has a bright future to look forward to.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Aylesbury?

During the 20th century, Aylesbury was one of many county towns that suffered from international competition and technological advancement.

While the former caused the closure of Cubit Engineering Works in Aylesbury and the latter contributed to the downfall of the traditional print firm Hazell, Watson and Viney, however, the region has diversified its interests while managing to achieve one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK.

The Arla Foods ‘mega-dairy’ has been a key contributor to this growth, with the £150 million factory having being constructed in the winter of 2013. Despite controversy concerning the potential onset of congestion in and around the town centre, the facility has become the major employer in the region and helped to optimise the spending power of local households.

This, along with the presence of three major industrial and commercial centres in the region, have helped to secure Aylesbury’s place in 2017 while creating numerous opportunities for local advertisers.

More may yet be to come too, as the local authority considers new plans to invest in affordable housing and increase the local population by as much as 20,000 people. This would not only increase any potential target audience for advertisers, but it would also help to establish Aylesbury as a hotspot for commuters who are looking to work outside of the capital and in locations across Buckinghamshire.


Aylesbury’s Population and Demographics

The latest census figures estimated Aylesbury’s local population at 71,977, although this is likely to have increased to 74,748 in the urban area.

The town also has an even demographic split between men and women, with 50% of the population male and the remaining 50% female.

The town also has an average age of 39, with the median age a touch higher at 40. These numbers have fallen marginally in recent times, with an influx of Millennials offsetting a typically older and more mature audience.

The rising influence of Millennials is reflected by the region’s popular occupations, with an estimated 18.7% of the local workforce operating in a professional capacity. A further 28.2% work as either associate professionals or managers, with skilled tradespeople making up a further 11.4%. With the proposed increase in housing and a rise in the number of commuters, we could well see these trend continue for the foreseeable future.

Aylesbury also has a slightly higher than average rate of marriage, with 52.4% of the local population having tied the knot. A further 11.3% cohabit with a long-term partner, so the town clearly has strong family values that local advertisers can target. Conversely, just 20.7% of locals are categorised as being single, with a further 8% separated or divorced from a previous partner.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Aylesbury is Beneficial

With these points and demographic facts in mind, there has arguably never been a better time to advertise in Aylesbury.

The region certainly boasts high levels of employment and access to skilled job roles, which in turn breeds higher consumer confidence and levels of disposable income.

For brands, it is also important to note that outdoor advertising may represent the best channel through which to target Aylesbury locals. After all, the town’s army of workers spend a great deal of time on the move, while those who commute are always looking to engage with OOH adverts and materials.