While the UK’s best towns thrive on the back of a proud and distinct heritage, it is important for regions to forge new identities as their economic and social circumstances change.

This is certainly something that the medway town of Chatham in Kent has been forced to consider, with the location having once thrived as a naval fortress and dockyard until the 1980s.

Fortunately, the town has responded well to the closure of the Chatham Dockyard in 1984, to the point where advertising in Chatham is now a lucrative and rewarding exercise.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Chatham?

Make no mistake; the enforced closure of the dockyard came as a major blow to the town, costing a total of 7,000 jobs and driving up the unemployment rate to 23.5%.

One of the first steps on the road to redemption was the revitalisation of the Thames Gateway area, with the development of the Innovation Centre Medway and The Joiner Shop providing a huge boost to the local economy and creative services sector respectively. This has helped to breathe new life into Chatham’s historic and strategically placed dockyard (which had already been reinvented as a commercial port), so that is now home to thriving ventures in the IT, social media and business consultancy space.

The regeneration of this space has not only created jobs and boosted consumer spending, but it has also drawn prominent corporations to the region. With a growing stake in the UK’s financial services sector, Chatham is currently home to Vanquis Bank Ltd (which is a subsidiary of Provident Financial). Interestingly, this has increased the number of professionals working in the region, creating higher levels of disposable income for advertisers to target.

As you would expect, Chatham also boasts strategic transportation links, with roads, railways and bus stations connecting the town with the capital of London. Trams also connect the local workforce and the thriving area in-between the High Street and Luton village, which has helped brands to forge more lucrative partnerships and effective growth strategies.


Chatham’s Population and Demographics

The medway town of Chatham has a population of 16,413, with an even demographic split of 50% females and 50% male.

The average age of people living in Chatham is 34, while the median age is even lower at 31. This is relatively youthful in comparison with the UK average of 39, so there is clearly a young and motivated audience for advertisers to target.

In many reasons, the region is continuing to diversify as its commercial centre evolves. Elementary positions are therefore increasingly dominant in the local workforce, with an influx of administrative and secretarial roles meaning that these skill-sets account for 36.4% of the population. A total of 11.7% currently work as professionals, while skilled tradespeople account for 11.6% of the workforce.

There is no doubt that the number of skilled employees in Chatham will increase incrementally in the years to come, creating even higher disposable income levels for brands to leverage.

As a youthful town, Chatham offers a thriving single market for advertisers to target. 31.2% of the population are classed as being single, while a further 10.7% are separated or divorced. In contrast, just 36.5% are married, so there is a clear opportunity here for more youthful brands or those that aim their products (or services) at individuals.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Chatham can be Beneficial

Whichever way you look at it, Chatham is home to an increasingly young and affluent audience, and one that is increasingly influenced by Millennials.

This should be music to advertisers ears, as it is arguably the ideal audience for brands to optimise their turnover.

In this respect, outdoor advertising may offer the best value for brands in Chatham. After all, the cost-effective nature of channels such as billboards can increase advertisers’ profits, while the mobile and visible nature of OOH is ideal for engaging commuters, young professionals and an energised workforce.