In many ways, it is easy to see why local advertising has become so central to the plans of businesses throughout the UK, and advertising in Dunstable boasts many benefits.

Not only has local search enabled independent firms to compete more aggressively with larger corporations, but a 2013 study has also suggested that authenticity is one of top qualities that customers now look for in businesses.

This is certainly the case in Dunstable, where local advertising connects firms to an increasingly informed and demanding consumer base. It also offers them access to a slightly more mature and traditional audience, which may have a little more disposable income than some segments.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Dunstable?

An historical parish with a rich cultural heritage, Dunstable was actually home to a Roman settlement around AD 40. In fact, the roads known as Watling Street and Icknield Way were paved by the Romans, who also built a posting station and laid the foundations for the town that exists today.

Advertising in Dunstable
Dunstable clock tower & market

In the modern age, Dunstable is an affluent market town located in Bedfordshire. It sits just 30 miles from the North of London, making it a thriving commuter parish and one that continues to grow in popularity with every passing year.

In terms of the economy, a large percentage of Dunstable’s residents work in London, while the majority also hold senior and well-paid positions. 29.5% of the population work in professional or technical job roles, while managers and skilled tradespeople account for a further 25.4%.

It also retains a strong connection with the printing and automotive industries, with firms such as Waterlow’s and Vauxhall Motors having established themselves there. Despite retaining its core identity, Dunstable has also seen some regeneration in recent years, which has major retailers such as Asda, Wilkinson and Aldi open up large stores there. The world’s second largest coffee house chain, Costa, is also headquartered within the city.

This growing commercial presence, allied with the town’s prime commuter location, makes it an increasingly prosperous and lucrative area for brands to target.


Dunstable’s Population and Demographics

The population of Dunstable was estimated at 4,817 as part of the 2011 census, while approximately 51% of the town’s citizens were male.

Dunstable Audience

In addition to boasting a relatively even gender split, the average and median age of people in Dunstable is 41, and this creates a slightly more mature (and arguably financially better-off) market for brands to target.

Population by age group, all residents, 2013

Dunstable Age Demographics
(Source: Office for National Statistics, Mid-2013 Population Estimates for 2013 Wards in England and Wales, by Single Year of Age and Sex)

Additionally, 90.5% of all residents were also born in the UK and Ireland, while 95.3% of the town speak English as their first language. Local businesses can leverage this to optimise their reach, while ensuring that their core marketing message is understood by a larger number of customers.

As you would expect from a relatively mature town, Dunstable also boasts traditional value. 43.0% of the population are married, for example, while 55.3 are involved in some form of romantic  relationship. In contrast, just 24.3% are single, whole the divorce rate is also noticeably low at 11.2%.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Dunstable Has Many Benefits

In many ways, the parish town of Dunstable represents a local marketers dream. Boasting diverse demographics, high levels of disposable income and a clearly-defined set of values, it can connect regional firms to targeted customer segments while also enabling them to expand their reach into the capital.

As a relatively small market town, local firms may well to consider investing in outdoor advertising in Dunstable. After all, well-placed billboards would have an excellent chance of reaching a huge proportion of residents, particularly if firms are savvy enough to target the main roads into London.

This could deliver huge returns over time, as you look to harness to spending power and diversity that exists in the heart of Dunstable.