Advertising in South West England offers numerous advantages to large brands and local business alike, particularly those active in aeronautics, telecommunications and IT.

In some respects, the South West of England is best known as a holiday destination. While the coast may be well-represented by seaside destinations such as Devon and Cornwall, the South West is deceptively prosperous and retains strong links with the commercial hub that is London.


Why Advertise on Billboards in South West England?

One of the main reasons that you should advertise in South West England is its close proximity to London, with the M4 corridor providing a direct link that is often utilised by commuters. This means that a significant proportion of the London workforce reside in the South West, and this is reflected by the fact that 52.4% of all residents are either professionals, skilled tradesmen, associates and senior managers.

Far from being just a prosperous commuter region, the South West is also home to a number of independent economic growth areas. Take Bristol, for example, which accounts for a quarter of the region’s economy and is home to the lucrative aeronautics sector. The surrounding areas of Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire drive a further 25% of all economic activity, creating a diverse source of growth that should appeal to marketers.

One of England’s nine official regions, the South West also boasts its very own footballing rivalry in the form of Bristol City and Bristol Rovers. These two clubs currently operate in different divisions, but locals are known to be passionate about the sport and organise much of their spending around match-day experiences.


The South West’s Population and Demographics

The 2011 census revealed that the South West has a total population of 5.2 million, with a relatively even demographic split between females (51%) and males (49%).

The South West also has a mature consumer base, which offers advantages to brands in terms of spending power and clear decision making. The average and median age of people in the region is 42, so there is also an opportunity for luxury and high-end brands to prosper.

It is also interesting to note that 92.9% of all residents herald from the UK and Ireland, so there is a clear focus in terms of nationality and language (approximately 96.5% of locals are recorded as speaking English). The economically prosperous nature of the region is also reflected by the fact that nearly 1.0% of the population come from South Africa, Australia and the United States, many of whom have travelled for the purpose of work.

Some may argue that the South West also boast relatively traditional values, with 448.6% of people married and a total of 61.1% cohabiting with a partner. Just 22.8% are single, while 8.7% are recorded as being either separated or divorced.

This enables some brands and local businesses to proser more than others, especially firms that sell products or services that are marketed at couples and families.


Why Outdoor Advertising is the South West Can Be Beneficial

The South West region is full of surprises, from its economic prosperity to the sheer range of businesses that are well-represented in the area. Advertisers can also benefit from the focused nature of the regions’ demographics, as this makes it easy to identify markets and convert sales.

Given the largely professional nature of South West residents and their love of sport, outdoor advertising offers particular value. This effectively targets people while they are on the move, while it also tends to drive higher rates of mobile interaction (particularly among Millennials).