Andover is a beautiful and picturesque town, and one that perches serenely on the River Anton in Hampshire.

Interestingly, Andover has been twinned with a number of similar towns across the globe, including Goch in Germany, Redon in France and Andover, Massachusetts in the US. It’s also close to the cities of Southampton and Winchester, while various A-roads and the M4 connect Andover to various regions in the north and south.

But what are the core demographics in Andover, and how effective is outdoor advertising for brands that want to target customers in the area?

Why Advertise on Billboards in Andover?

Andover’s biggest employer is the Ministry of Defence, with this huge public sector entity dominating the local economy.

The size of this entity also increased further with the opening of the RAF Andover site on Andover Airfield during WW1, which sits in the south of the town and has since been developed to become part of the British Army headquarters.

Make no mistake; this well-resourced and reliable ministry underpins a robust local economy, by helping to maintain high levels of employment and an increasingly affluent consumer base.

This has also helped to attract private sector firms to the region, including the giant tea company Twinings. Ducal Pine Furniture also calls Andover its home, while the town has welcomed a number of financial institutions such as Simplyhealth and Lloyds Banking Group into the fold.

Along with the Stannah Groupo, which also has its HQ in the town, these entities combine to employ a large number of locals in well-paid and often senior positions.

It’s also important to note that Andover sits just 25 miles north of the bustling city of Southampton, with a growing number of locals making the daily journey along the A303 as part of their commute.

This has also boosted local employment rates and diversified the labour market in Andover, creating new and empowered segments for brands to target through outdoor advertising.

Why Advertise on Billboards in Andover?

According to the latest census data, Andover had a total population of 41,761 back in 2011. An estimated 51% of this number are women, with the remaining 49% male.

The average age of residents in Andover is 39, while approximately 60.6% of locals are of working age (between the ages of 18 and 64). 

This contributes to a relatively young and active population, and one that’s primed to spend their disposable income and reinvest into the economy at an increased rate over time.

As you’d imagine for a region that’s dominated by public employers, the largest proportion of people in Andover work in administrative occupations (13.4%). This includes all of those who work in local government and civil service roles, alongside secretaries, telephonists and office assistants.

The growth of Andover’s private sector (and its growing reputation as a commuter hotspot) has also seen a rise in the number of professional employees, with these individuals now accounting for 12.2% of the local workforce.

Conversely, the number of people who work in elementary occupation has fallen in recent times, meaning that they now comprise 11.9% of the total Andover workforce.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Andover is Beneficial

Andover is a rarity in contemporary Britain; as it combines thriving public and private sectors to create a genuine robust and secure local economy.

It’s also an increasingly popular location for those who work in cities such as Southampton and Wincester, with excellent transport links facilitating accessible travel and creating exciting roadside ad opportunities for markets.

Andover’s young and active population is also incredibly mobile, so engaging them with outdoor materials is often the best way to drive conversions.