Bournemouth is one of the primary coastal resort towns in the whole of the UK, while its idyllic location on the south coast of England makes it a popular and much-visited tourist hotspot.

Widely considered to be the largest single administrative county of Dorset, it’s now home to a vibrant services sector and one that employs considerably more people in this space than the South West region as a whole.

But what exactly defines the Bournemouth economy in the modern age, and why is outdoor advertising so effective in the town? Let’s find out!

Why Advertise on Billboards in Bournemouth?

While it may be a coastal town at its core with remaining links to industry and international trade, Bournemouth and its economy have evolved considerably throughout the digital age.

This is why it has become home to such a large and vibrant service sector, which according to the most recent statistics employed an estimated 95% of the town’s total workforce.

This is 10% higher than the average employment in this space for Great Britain, and 11% higher than the corresponding number for the South West.

Of particular importance are the financial and public services sectors, which have continued to showcase sustained growth that’s exponential when compared to the rest of the country.

These sectors have superseded transport and communications in the local economy, with Barclays, Nationwide Building Society and even J.P. Morgan boasted a strong presence in the town.

This process of diversification has undoubtedly created an increasingly youthful and engaged labour market, and one that has steadily growing levels of disposable income to spend.

Of course, the town is also home to Bournemouth FC, which until recently plied its trade in the Premier League and has become both a prolific local employer and  a huge draw for sponsors and advertisers alike.

The Population and Demographics in Bournemouth

The most recent census data tells us that the population of Bournemouth was 183,491 in 2011, with this comprising a 50/50 split between men and women.

The average age of people living in the town has definitely fallen since the turn of the century, reaching 40 most recently. The median age is even lower at 38, which is indicative of a working and active population that particulates fully in the local economy.

As you’d expect from a service-based economy, the top occupation in Bournemouth is professional (which accounts for 16.4% of the total workforce). Combined, professional, associates, managerial and administrative staff comprise 50.9% of the local labour market overall).

The number of skilled tradespeople has also increased of late, reaching 11.4% of the population. Many of these are self-employed, highlighting a level of resilience and independence in the economy.

There’s also a good mix of married, cohabiting and single residents in Bournemouth, creating variable opportunities for advertisers to market a vast and broad array of products.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Bournemouth is Beneficial

In many ways, Bournemouth is the embodiment of economic growth and evolution in the UK, having evolved from a sleepy seaside town in a fast-growing and service-based economy that employees huge numbers of people.

This is great news for advertisers, as it has created an engaged, hard-working and relatively young workforce that’s increasingly inclined to spend its hard-earned cash.

Outdoor advertising is a particularly good medium in the town too, due to the high levels of employment and the amount of time that most residents spend outside of their home on a regular basis.