The market town of Fareham sits at the northwest tip of Portsmouth Harbour, almost equidistant between the populous cities of Portsmouth and Southampton.

With this mind, Fareham has emerged as a key location for advertisers in the southeast of the country, with the town having evolved considerably from a socio-economic perspective having initially earned repute as a manufacturer of bricks (some of which were used to build the Royal Albert Hall).

But why is Fareham an important target for advertisers, and do out-of-home mediums offer the best value to businesses?

Why Advertise on Billboards in Fareham?

Despite its humble beginnings as a market town and manufacturing hub, Fareham now boasts an increasingly diverse economy that makes the most of the location’s advantageous geographic position.

For example, the town is well served by road and rail networks, with the M27 motorway passing around the northern edge and providing the primary traffic artery in and out of the area.

This also provides seamless and quick access into the bustling metropolises of Portsmouth and Southampton, creating a scenario where a growing number of Fareham residents commute to job roles in these cities. 

Beyond this, the M27 also joins with the M3 and A3 road into London, extending Fareham’s burgeoning reputation as an appealing and affordable commuter hotspot for those who work in the capital.

This has undoubtedly attracted employers in the droves to Fareham, including HMS Collingwood and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory. As a result of this, Fareham has also benefited from rapid job creation in recent years, creating more affluent consumers and attracting advertisers from across the UK.

The Population and Demographics in Fareham

Fareham isn’t a particularly populous market town, with a total population of 111,581 people according to the most recent census. This comprises 51% females and 49% males, which is fairly typical for most UK towns.

The average age of the local population is currently 43, while the median age in the area is 44. This is similar to neighbouring towns such as Weymouth, while it’s indicative of a relatively active and affluent base of consumers for advertisers to target.

As you’d imagine from a leading commuter town, the Fareham workforce is dominated by professionals, technical, administration and managerial staff. Combined, such employees account for 58.6% of the town’s total labour market, with many of this number working in larger towns such as Southampton and Portsmouth.

On a similar note, corporate managers and directors comprise 8.6% of the workforce, while well-paid skilled traders account for a further 11.0% overall.

From a practical perspective, 98.5% of people living in Fareham speak English, making it easy for advertisers to target a vast local audience while utilising a single and accessible language. This is a huge advantage, and one that reduces marketing costs while optimising brand exposure.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Fareham is Beneficial

Fareham is one of the fortunate towns that benefits from its precise geographical location, as it provides seamless access to major cities such as Southampton, Portsmouth and even the capital London.

As a result of this and the town’s peaceful and affordable nature, Fareham has emerged as a popular commuter route, enabling advertisers to target major roadside locations that connect the location to the aforementioned major cities in the south and southeast.

Additionally, Fareham is home to a growing number of large and diverse employers, further increasing the spending power of locals. The relatively young and active nature of the local population also makes OOH the ideal advertising medium, with the trend likely to remain unchanged in the near-term.