The picturesque town of Gosport sits in Hampshire on the south coast of the UK, towards the western side of Portsmouth Harbour. 

Opposite the city of Portsmouth and to the southeast of Fareham, Gosport has historically existed as a major naval town, primarily associated with the defence and supply infrastructure of Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Portsmouth.

As a popular domestic tourist resort and potential commuter hotspot, Gosport has also evolved to become a popular hub for outdoor advertisers. But why are mediums such as billboards so effective in the town?

Why Advertise on Billboards in Gosport?

The most aspect of this town is the so-called “Gosport Peninsula”, which boasts 17 miles (or 27 km) of waterfront on Portsmouth Harbour and The Solent.

Consequently, this is a popular hub for tourists during the summer months, with the pebble beach at Stokes Bay sloping steeply into the sea and offering breathtaking views of the region’s shipping.

The town is also a popular haunt for those who are fans of naval memorabilia, with the Royal Navy Submarine Museum featuring exhibits such as the iconic Holland 1 (which was the first submarine commissioned and deployed by our navy).

While this certainly provides a captive audience for local advertisers during the busy summer months, Gosport’s location also makes it a popular commuter town for those who work in neighbouring locations such as Portsmouth.

After all, Gosport is linked directly to Portsmouth by the famous Gosport Ferry, which runs regularly throughout the day and provides an excellent mode of transport for commuters. Similarly, Gosport residents can also reach Fareham and Portsmouth through the busy M27, while also utilising this route to connect with the M3 and head towards London.

Each of these bustling routes is commonly targeted by local advertisers, who can subsequently reach large and motivated audiences at different times of the day.

The Population and Demographics in Gosport

According to the most recent census data (which is due to be updated next year), the population of Gosport is in excess of 82,622, with this comprising 51% females and 49% males.

Interestingly, the average and medium age in Gosport is estimated to be 40, which is slightly lower than the overall average in Hampshire. This is thanks largely to the status of Gosport as a commuter hub, which has lowered the average age of late and contributed to a consumer base with increased spending capacity.

The recent and gradual changes to the economy are reflected by the evolving nature of the workforce, with the number of professional employees in the town having increased to account for 12.1% of the workforce. Associated professional and technical staff members also comprise 14.5% of the local labour market, with administrative employees accounting for a further 11.1%.

The number of well-paid skilled tradespeople also continues to increase in the region, peaking at 12.7% during the last census.

A whopping 98.1% of the local population of Gosport is also known to speak English. This is a huge boon for advertisers, who can effectively and affordably target mass consumer demographics through a single language.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Gosport is Beneficial

Gosport offers a deceptively appealing hotspot for advertisers, who can simultaneously target summer tourists and the fast-growing number of residents who commute to major cities such as Portsmouth (and even London) on a daily basis.

These factors have combined to create an increasingly youthful and affluent population in Gosport, the majority of whom spend a great deal of time out of the home and are therefore malleable to outdoor and billboard advertising.

This is definitely something for advertisers to keep in mind, especially those that want to cap costs where possible without compromising on their reach or overall levels of brand exposure.