Like most seaside towns, Paignton has endured mixed economic fortunes since the 1980s, despite the relative boom in domestic travel that followed the great recession in 2008.

Unlike some locations of this type, however, Paignton remains a popular and busy tourist location on the south coast, and one that continues to appeal to travelling families from across the length and breadth of the UK.

This is just one of the reasons why advertising (and especially out-of-home media) is so effective in the town of Paignton. Here’s more!

Why Advertise on Billboards in Paignton?

While Paignton may not have evolved in the same way that some coastal towns have in the UK (take Bournemouth, for example), it continues to offer value to outdoor advertisers in the region.

This is thanks almost entirely to its enduring popularity as a domestic tourist resort, with the town ideal for young families who want to enjoy an affordable and manageable summer holiday.

This creates clear boundaries and criteria for marketers, who can target customers prolifically during the summer months while also retaining a clear understanding of the town’s core demographics.

Popular events and attractions include The Torbay Air Show, which was officially launched in 2016 and is held over the Bat in front of Paignton Sands. Held every June, it precedes the iconic Paignton Festival in July, with this event having been a beacon for tourists and marketers for more than 100 years.

Other popular tourist attractions include Paignton Zoo and the Dartmouth Steam Railway, the latter of which operates trains to Kingswear and enables brands to leverage OOH as a way of targeting a captive audience.

Beyond this, Paignton also features a number of small industrial and manufacturing estates, the majority of which operate on the outskirts of the town.

Sutton Seeds, a supplier of seeds and bulbs remains one of the biggest local employers in the town, and one that plays a key role in propping up the seasonal economy.

The Population and Demographics in Paignton

When the last official census was taken in 2011, the population of Paignton was estimated to be 49,021.

This number had increased incrementally to 50,300 people as of 2015, with this number accounting for around 38% of the total Torbay population at this time.

The average age of residents in Paignton is 45, with the median age slightly lower at 42. This is largely typically for a location that features a large number of relatively affluent retirees, although the demographics become far more diverse when you consider the summer influx of young families and tourists.

This is just one of the reasons why advertisers must time their outdoor campaigns to coincide with the summer months, as this enables them to target more customers of working age and with a greater motivation to spend.

For the remainder of the year, brands can target older permanent residents who may have a little more disposable income, the majority of which are also married or cohabiting with a partner.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Paignton is Beneficial

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons to advertise in the town of Paignton, despite its seasonal nature and the disproportionate number of older permanent residents and dependents.

In fact, the older demographics in Paignton are relatively affluent, so there’s ample opportunity to target permanent residents successfully outside of the busy summer months.

Beyond this, the tourist population in Paignton provides a motivated and mobile consumer base for marketers in the region, and one that boasts a significantly large total spend.