It’s fair to say that time has not been kind to some seaside resorts, with some having struggled to rebuild and regenerate as their infrastructure has crumbled.

The seaside resort of Sandown certainly doesn’t fit this description, however, with this remaining a major attraction on the south-east coast of the Isle of Wight and one that continues to derive much of its revenue from tourism.

This makes Sandown a haven for outdoor advertising, as local businesses look to compete for the business of summer visitors and tourists.

Why Advertise on Billboards in Sandown?

Sandown is a civil parish that’s separated from the neighbouring Shanklin by the settlement of a lake, with this wider, built-up area home to a total of 21,374 inhabitants.

It’s Sandown that remains the main draw for domestic and international travellers, however, and it has done ever since the arrival of the railway in 1864 (which made the town more accessible and encouraged permanent residents to settle there).

Interestingly, Sandown has also retained its reputation as a fashionable English resort, with this having been established with the opening of the opulent Ocean Hotel in 1899. Over the years, Sandown has evolved to become a popular bucket-and-spade destination for travellers of all classes and social grades, underpinning a robust local economy and an increasingly affluent consumer base.

This is music to the ears of local advertisers, who can target both tourists and permanent residents throughout the year with a combination of seasonal and ongoing campaigns.

Advertisers will also have noted that a new Premier Inn is scheduled to open in the town in 2020, creating an even more significant draw for tourists and potentially increasing the target audience for local businesses.

The Population and Demographics in Sandown

As we’ve already said, the population of the wider urban area containing Sandown is 21,374, at least according to the most recent census data.

The same data reveals that an estimated 7,185 called Sandown home in 2011, with these split almost evenly across North and South boroughs within the town.

The average age of residents in Sandown is 40, with the median are a touch higher at 41. Both of these numbers have fallen over the years, particularly as the local economy has continued to boom and the number of permanent residents of working age has increased.

As you’d imagine, leisure and service employees dominate the labour market, accounting for 15.2% of the local workforce. Managers, directors and senior officials comprise a further 11.8%, while an estimated 14.2% work as skilled tradespeople and are frequently tasked with maintaining local hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

An estimated 94.9% of the local population were born in the UK or Ireland, while 97.2% of residents speak English as their primary language. 

This is good news for advertisers, who can successfully target potentially huge audiences without dramatically increasing their marketing spend.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Sandown is Beneficial

While not all seaside towns or historic tourist hotspots have fared well during the digital age, Sandown in the Isle of Wight is one that has enjoyed continued economic growth while remaining true to its travel and leisure roots.

This is no small feat given how the UK economy has changed over the years, and Sandown’s ability to remain a popular and generative tourist hub will continue to secure its near and medium-term futures.

Of course, outdoor advertising also remains particularly lucrative in Sandown, with high levels of employment and tourism creating a scenario where people spend much of their time out of the world.