The town of Taunton is located in the sun-kissed and green county of Somerset, with this historic destination boasting more than 1,000 years of religious and military history.

The iconic Taunton Castle can even trace its roots back to the Anglo Saxon period in history, while this structure barely scratches the surface of the town’s links to the English monarchy over a period of centuries.

But what characterises the economy of Taunton, and why is the town ideal for outdoor advertisers? Let’s find out!

Why Advertise on Billboards in Taunton?

The town of Taunton (and the wider urban area of Taunton Deane) had a relatively low unemployment rate of 4.1% in 2005, with this lower than the average rate of 5% during the same period.

Interestingly, this difference remained largely intact until 2019, with Taunton benefiting from its high growth local economy and outstanding transport connections with a raft of large cities and metropolises.

These links exist by both rail and road, with the former defined by an efficient cross-country route. This provides advertisers with access to a large and engaged audience each day, while it takes in locations such as Manchester Piccadilly, Birmingham New Street and Cardiff Central.

In terms of road links, Taunton is also close to the M5 motorway junctions 25 and 26 (Wellington), with this major road running all the way from Exeter and through Taunton to the West Midlands.

Once again, this offers huge opportunities to Taunton advertisers from the perspective of roadside billboards, particularly in terms of capturing a huge target market.

These factors appeal to companies as well as marketers, with major brands such as Debenhams, Western Provident Association, Viridor and CANDAC also boasting a presence in the town. 

Interestingly, the first New Look store opened here in 1969, and the town has retained a popular hub for retailers ever since.

The Population and Demographics in Taunton

The population of Taunton was listed as 69,570 in 2011, while the number of people living in the larger area of Taunton Deane reached 110,187 during the same period.

Approximately 52% of the local population are women, with the remaining 48% comprising (rather unsurprisingly) of men.

The average age of people living in Taunton, with the median age slightly higher at 43. This is typical for a town with low unemployment and a relatively affluent consumer base, as Taunton’s population isn’t too young or old on balance.

An estimated 16.7% of the local workforce comprises professional employees, some of whom will commute to work outside of Taunton using the aforementioned transport links.

The local economy is also underpinned by skilled tradespeople and those who work in the care and leisure sectors, with these employees combining to account for 23.9% of the total labour market.

Just under 97% of the population also speak fluent English, creating an opportunity for brands to target a vast audience without having to spend outside of their means.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Taunton is Beneficial

While Taunton may be famous for its cider and rich heritage, its economy has evolved considerably over time to create an engaged and affluent workforce.

The town also boasts excellent transport links to major cities and locations throughout the UK (both by rail and road), which also allows brands to target commuters through roadside and public transport ads with regular success.

These factors highlight the appeal of Taunton as an outside advertising hub, and one that becomes increasingly strong with every passing year.