Weymouth retains iconic status as one of the most famous seaside towns in the UK, and one that just happens to be the third largest settlement in the coastal location of Dorset (after Bournemouth and Poole).

While Weymouth continues to rely on its popularity as a domestic tourist hotspot and seaside resort, it has also benefited from the widespread regeneration of the town centre and the neighbouring location of Portland. This has helped to invite new people to the town and drive economic diversification (albeit on a small scale).

Does Weymouth offer value to local advertisers, however, and are billboards and similar out-of-home (OOH) mediums the best way to target customers

Why Advertise on Billboards in Weymouth?

As a town that relies heavily on summer tourism, there’s a clear window of opportunity for advertisers to target mass audiences within the boundaries of Weymouth.

Of course, the number of people employed within the tourism sector has declined slightly since its peak in the late 1990s, but the aforementioned regeneration of the town in 2007 and sheer number of popular events that are held throughout the borough each year continue to attract a large number of visitors from all over the UK.

These include firework festivals, dragon boat racing, motocross and the town’s annual carnival in mid-August, each of which connects brands to customers directly through OOH advertisements.

Thanks to renewed spending in the town’s infrastructure and the gradual diversification of the economy, Weymouth has also added more strings to its economic bow. As a result, a diverse range of firms are now based in the seaside town, including retail giants New Look and BMT Defence Services.

Weymouth is also close to busier and more populous towns such as Bournemouth, with the busy and popular commuter route that connected these two locations being continuously targeted by outdoor advertisers.

The Population and Demographics in Weymouth

As we’ve already said, Weymouth is the third-largest settlement in Dorset, with a population of 65,167 according to the most recent census.

This comprises an even 50/50 split between male and female residents, while the average age of Weymouth residents is 43. The median age is 44, which is fairly typical for a seaside town that’s home to older and slightly more affluent demographics overall.

As you’d expect from a seaside town, skilled tradespeople account for a healthy percentage of the workforce (14.4%), while sales, customer service and associate employees also comprise 20.4% of the total labour market in Weymouth.

The number of professional employees and management staff in Weymouth has also increased markedly over the course of the last decade, with these employees now accounting for 23.8% of the local workforce.

Of course, this number has coincided with the rise of Weymouth’s status as a popular commuter town, with many professionals and managers residing in the seaside town while working in neighbouring locations.

This definitely provides an opportunity for OOH advertisers to target commuters throughout the year, increasing the appeal of Weymouth outside of seasonal tourism peaks.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Weymouth is Beneficial

Unlike neighbouring towns such as Poole and Christchutch, Weymouth remains heavily reliant on tourism on its main source of growth and revenues.

However, the town has also benefited from sustained regeneration and economic diversification over time, creating a scenario where advertisers can target both summer visitors and Weymouth’s growing army of commuters simultaneously.

There’s no doubt that outdoor advertising channels offer optimal value in Weymouth, with the most prominent demographics spending considerable amounts of their time on the move and in a state of mind where they’re inclined to interact with branded content.