If you are familiar with Boscombe, it may well be because you used to enjoy family holidays there during your infancy. A picturesque coastal suburb in the heart of Bournemouth, Boscombe has remained popular as a domestic holiday destination despite experiencing a number of social and economic changes.

With sustained regeneration also having transformed the town, Boscombe has even managed to become popular among professionals who are seeking affordable accommodation that is close to their workplace.

This fusion of tourism and economic growth represents a happy marriage for businesses, with advertising in Boscombe an increasingly profitable endeavour.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Boscombe?

Originally, Boscombe was little more than a sparsely inhabited area of heathland, with the town only transitioning from a small village into a popular seaside resort during the 19th century. It’s first pier opened in 1889, and tourism quickly became the region’s primary economic engine.

In fact, Boscombe continued to achieve huge growth (and cultivate a reputation that has stood the test of time) throughout the 1900s, with the town actually one of the UK’s wealthiest areas between the two World Wars. This boom continued into the 1960s, before the British holiday market begin to collapse as air travel became increasingly accessible.

While Boscombe joined a number of seaside towns that endured a period of social and economic decline throughout the 1980s, however, it has also responded better than most to these challenges. 2006 saw the unveiling of the Boscombe Spa Development plan, with the town transformed into a spa village complete with an artificial surf reef that was designed to boost tourism revenues. While this area has since been rebranded as a coastal activity park, it has continued to attract visitors from across the UK.

There have also been a number of residential construction projects completed in Boscombe as part of continued regeneration, with Barratt Homes purchasing the local seafront car park and building 169 apartments on the land. Along with other developments, this has helped to make Boscombe popular among locals who work in neighbouring locations such as Bournemouth, with the town now a thriving commuter location for professionals.

Advertisers will also be interested to note that Boscombe is home to Premier League football club AFC Bournemouth, with the club’s Vitality Stadium located at Dean Court. The sport is a popular pastime for locals, and one which enables local businesses to profit and forge lucrative partnerships.


Boscombe’s Population and Demographics

Boscombe is comprised of East and West wards, which when combined have a total population of 20,719. The town also has a relatively even demographic split between men (52%) and women (48%), bucking the national trend for female-dominated regions.

The region also has an average age of 38 and a median age of 35. This makes for a relatively young consumer base, and one that has become more youthful as the region has appealed to professionals from cities such as Bournemouth.

The town’s’ evolution since the 1980s is reflected by the popular occupations in the region. The number of professionals working in the region has risen to 16.4% of the workforce, for example, while low skill and elementary roles account for 14.2 of the local population. Tourism and leisure is also well-represented, with 11.9% of the workforce operating in this space.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Boscombe Can be Beneficial

Advertisers are typically drawn to popular tourism destinations, as well as those that boast a growing community of young professionals.

Boscombe is home to both, however, making it a strategic location for both local brands and those that are looking to tap into the nation’s sizeable holiday market.

Outdoor advertising is particularly effective in spaces of this type, as it successfully targets mobile and energetic consumers who are constantly on the move. It can also capture the attention of commuters at busy roadsides and train stations, creating excellent opportunities for engagement.