When you hear the name Southampton, your mind should be instantly drawn to the cities idyllic coast and sun-kissed days spent out on the open ways.

There is more to this south coast haven than meets the eye, however, with Southampton also established as the largest city in the ceremonial county of Hampshire.

This makes advertising in Southampton a worthwhile discipline, and one that can really benefit local businesses.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Southampton?

As you would expect from a coastal city with a large port, Southampton’s economic heritage is built on shipbuilding. In fact, the Thornycraft shipbuilding year remained a major employer in the region until the start of the 21st century, and while this remains central to the city’s identity Southampton has benefited from significant economic diversification during the last two decades.

This has increased the value of advertising in Southampton, with higher rates of employment and more diverse consumer groups available for brands to target. In fact, an estimated 2.4% of the city’s population currently claim job seeker’s allowance, which compares favourite to the national figure of 2.5%.

Approximately 74.7% of the city’s population are classed as being economically active, so businesses certainly have a viable audience to target within the region.

Southampton’s economy is also underpinned by growth sectors, with health and education currently accounting just over a quarter of the region’s jobs. A further 19th exist in lucrative property and business markets, while wholesale and retail account for 16.%. These industries have helped to increase the rate of job growth in Southampton to 18.5% since 1995, and this is likely to grow further in the near-term.

Advertisers can also leverage the city’s passion for football, with Southampton F.C firmly established as a successful Premier League side. They also have a fierce rivalry with coastal neighbours Portsmouth, with locals decidedly proud of their club’s heritage and recent achievements.


Southampton’s Population and Demographics

The recent figures fix Southampton’s local population at around 236,882, with an even demographic split between males (50%) and females (50%).

Southampton’s active and diverse economy has also helped to cultivate a young population, which boasts an average age of 36 and a median age of just 32.

There is certainly a large audience of young professionals active in the city, with an estimated 17.1% of the local workforce operating that this level. A further 11.2% work as associate professionals and technicians, so there is an increasingly qualified and affluent workforce in Southampton. Skilled tradespeople also account for an impressive 11.4% of the workforce, so well over one-third of the local population boast advanced skill-sets and accreditations.

Like most economically active cities and towns in the UK, Southampton also boasts relatively high levels of immigration and a diverse range of cultures. This is reflected by the fact that just 79.7% of Southampton residents were born in the UK, with India (1.5%), China (0.8%) and South Africa (0.4%) also well-represented as a result of economic migration. This instantly creates more diverse audiences for brands to target, whether they offer products or services to customers.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Southampton is Beneficial

Like most towns that boast a young and professional demographic, Southampton serves as an advertisers dream in 2017.

Outdoor advertising is particularly effective when looking to target a youthful and highly-skilled demographic, as its members tend to be motivated, affluent and increasingly keen to interact with the world around them.

So, by advertising at roadsides, commuter hubs and the side of university buildings, you can optimise your brand’s exposure while striving for an excellent ROI.