For years, Birmingham and Manchester have battled for recognition as the UK’s second city, with the former having recently lost considerable ground on the rivals.

Birmingham is certainly the second most populous city in the UK, and one that makes advertising in the West Midlands a potentially lucrative exercise.

One of the nation’s nine official regions, the West Midlands is an industrial powerhouse that remains a central hub for manufacturing, consumer electronics and the automotive trade. It is also home to other industrious town, including Wolverhampton and the popular commuter hub Coventry.


Why Advertise on Billboards in the West Midlands?

There is no doubt that the West Midlands has remained true to its roots, ever since the Black Country emerged as the world’s first industrial landscape back in 1779. This is reflected by the fact that 21.3% of the local workforce operate as either skilled tradesmen or plant and machine operatives, while 15.8% undertake professional roles of employment.

The Midlands is therefore driven by a decidedly earnest, humble and hard-working ethos, while its citizens are notoriously value conscious. This is great news for competitively priced, local brands that have a clear value proposition, regardless of the precise market that they operate in.

We have already touched on the fact that cities like Coventry sit firmly on the commuter belt to London, and this also distinguishes the West Midlands as a prime advertising location. The region has also become something of a fulcrum for the public sector in recent times, with the the Child Support Agency (CSA) and the police headquarters based there. This has created numerous local jobs, driving further growth and prosperity throughout the area.

Sporting brands can also tap into a passionate marketplace in the Midlands, with a number of football clubs including Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Coventry, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers all boasting large supporter bases. Warwickshire and Worcestershire also have successful cricket teams and significant followings, which can help to connect marketers with consumers.


West Midland’s Population and Demographics

At the last census count in 2011, it was revealed that the West Midlands had a population of 5.6 million. The region has a relatively even demographic split between men and women, with 51% of the population females and 49% male.

The region also boasts an average and median age of 39, making for a relatively mature consumer base that is slightly older than the average Millennial. While consumers of this age tend to be a little more thoughtful and value conscious than Millennials, however, they also have an excess of disposable income on average.

While the West Midlands is renowned for its ethic diversity, 89.5% of the local population was born in the UK and Ireland. Conversely, nearly 4% originate from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, and this has created a culturally diverse consumer base that offers considerable value to advertisers.

The earnest and traditional values of the West Midlands population is also reflected by their lifestyles, with 46.6% of residents married and 58.1% cohabiting with a partner. In contrast, just 8.4% are divorced or separated, while 25.3% are single.


Why Outdoor Advertising in the West Midlands Can Be Beneficial

Advertising in the West Midlands is clearly a viable exercise, and not only because the region is home to the UK’s second largest city. It also boasts a strong and diverse consumer demographic, and one that has a clear focus when it comes to appraising value and making purchasing decisions.

Local advertisers may also want to invest in traditional billboards, which is a cost-effective marketing technique that offers a superior ROI. It is also ideal for targeting busy consumers at work or in their spare time, particularly those with a love of sport and socialising.