The cathedral city of Hereford sits neatly on the beautiful River Wye, approximately 16 miles east of England’s border with Wales.

It’s established as the single largest settlement in the county of Herefordshire, while it’s a region that has remained true to its historical roots as a lucrative centre for agricultural produce and manufacturing.

This is relatively unusual in the modern age, but does it make Hereford a viable location for outdoor advertising and channels such as billboards?

Why Advertise on Billboards in Hereford?

Hereford’s biggest employers arguably exist in the public sector, with organisations such as Herefordshire Council and NHS Herefordshire dominant in this respect.

As we’ve already said, however, Hereford is also a city that has built on its manufacturing and production roots, with these underpinning a strong private sector and a number of successful employers in the region.

For example, food and drink manufactures including Bulmers and Cargill Meats Europe currently call Hereford home, while boasting large operations that drive high levels of employment in the region.

The same principle can be applied to Special Metals Wiggin Ltd and Painter Brothers, who produce nickel alloys and galvanised steel towers respectively.

These firms also employ large numbers of people, creating an engaged and active workforce that has plenty of disposable income to spend on brands.

Just as Hereford is established as a global hub for cider production (thanks to its support of many acres of orchards), it also remains home to a deceptively large number of heavy and light industries.

Many of these operate from the Rotherwas Industrial Estate, which typically provides a popular target for outdoor advertisers and billboard placements.

The Population and Demographics in Hereford

Hereford is home to a population of 55,955 people, from a total of 183,477 residents in the county of Herefordshire overall.

This population comprises 51% females and 49% males, which is fairly typical of most cities throughout the UK.

The average age of people in the city is 43, while the median age is a little higher at 44. These represent good numbers from the perspective of outdoor advertisers, as they highlight a population that’s of working age and mature enough to boast viable levels of disposable income.

Given the industrial nature of Hereford’ economy, it should come as no surprise that process plant and elementary admin job roles account for 16.7% of the total workforce. Managers and senior officials also comprise 11.6% of the population, while skilled tradespeople (who remain in high demand in the region) boast the highest levels of representation with 16.2%.

Advertisers should also note that more than 96.3% of the population in Hereford speak fluent English. This makes it easy to engage a vast target market while using a single language, so costs can be reduced without compromising on reach.

Why Outdoor Advertising in Hereford is Beneficial

While debate has raged for years about whether or not Hereford should be categorised as part of England or Wales, one that cannot be denied is its enduring appeal amongst outdoor advertisers.

Whether you consider its high-levels of employment or relatively big spending consumers, Hereford offers huge potential value to brands across a wide range of marketplace.

Interestingly, the city also boasts a large number of residents who are married or cohabiting, creating a clear opportunity to market specific products and services with greater success.