A small town in the English county of West Midlands, Bilston is situated in the south-eastern corner of Wolverhampton and comprises of Eastern and Northern wards.

Despite its small size and humble beginnings, Bilston is a town of progression and change that can boast quite a prestigious heritage. Its deceptive appeal means that advertising in Bilston can be quite rewarding for brands, particularly those that are marketing low-margin and high value goods to customers.

One of the West Midlands numerous hidden gems, Bilston continues to evolve while coping with the fall-out from industrial decline.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Bilston?

The town of Bilston (or Bilsatena) was first referenced in AD 985, when the city of Wolverhampton was granted to Wulfrun. It also featured in the Domesday Book as a largely rural area, and it remained a sleepy, nondescript town that was reliant on farming until the industrial boom of the 19th century.

With the Birmingham Canal opened to the west of the town in 1770, industrial activity in Bilston increased incrementally. This also laid the foundations for the dramatic transformation that took place during the Industrial Revolution, as Bilston evolved from an agricultural location to one that boasted a number of factories and coal mines. Soon the town was producing nearly 25,000 tons of steel per year, and Bilston was thriving as an industrial hotspot.

The 1970s saw the decline of heavy industry and steel works, however, while the 80s ushered in the closure of local coal mines.

Most towns would have folded, and Bilston certainly endured a period of stagnation and dilapidation. Fortunately, the town responded with the hard work and diligence that defines it to this day, by building new housing for residents and entering into the services sector to boost employment rates.

This, along with the opening of the Black Country route between 1986 and 1995 and the establishment of a Metro tram connecting Bilston with Wolverhampton and Birmingham, has also helped to establish the town as a viable destination for commuters and busy city centre workers.


Bilston’s Population and Demographics

The most recent figures placed Bilston’s population at around 25,576, with the town also recording a relatively even demographic split between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average age of people in Bilston is 38, with the median age a tad lower at 37. A slight increase in the number of young professionals in Bilston has seen this number fall gradually in recent times, and this has helped to diversify the consumer base available to brands.

At present, a total of 9.2% of the Bilston workforce operate as professionals, and this number is likely to increase further in the near-term. Elementary and entry-level employees currently account for 16.2% of the workforce, while process, plant and machine operatives also remain key contributors to the tune of 13.6%. Bilston has also developed a core of skilled tradespeople, who currently make up 13.9% of the total workforce.

The falling age of the Bilston community is also reflected by the lifestyle choices of locals, with 37.8% of the population married and a further 29.7% classed as being single. This arguably creates greater diversity for advertisers, who can target more diverse behaviours within the area.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Bilston is Beneficial

While local brands are increasingly motivated by the idea of advertising in Bilston, choosing the right method to target customers is a challenging pastime.

Given the dominant occupations in the region and the value-conscious nature of locals, outdoor advertising may be the best option.

Not only are mediums such as traditional billboards cheap to secure, but they also offer an organic and engaging platform from which to promote your message.