They say that sometimes, the best things come in small packages, and this is a phrase that can certainly be applied to the Dudley-based town of Halesowen.

After all, this small town is situated just eight miles from the second city of Birmingham, while it has also benefited from sustained regeneration and redevelopment since the middle of the 1960s.

With this in mind, advertising in Halesowen can be a lucrative practice for local brands and one that can help small and medium-sized ventures to grow.


Why Advertiseon Billboards in Halesowen?

While Halesowen was first recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 (where it was reported to be a manor larger than Birmingham), it’s history remained largely nondescript until the 1960s.

It has enjoyed steady and sustained regeneration during the 50 years or so since, however, which has diversified the local economy while attracting a number of large brands to the region.

The town centre has undergone large-scale renovations in the 1960s, the 1980s and more recently in 2007. The latter helped the town’s retail sector to compete more aggressively with the nearby Merry Hill Shopping Centre, which had caused a downturn in trade at the beginning of the 1990s. This helped to increase the number of shoppers in the local area while making advertising in the region an increasingly lucrative pastime.

Both local and national brands have also been able to benefit from the arrival of a motorway junction network in the noughties, with a number of large organisations establishing themselves in the town as a direct result of this development. This includes Sandvik (whose UK headquarters are located in Halesowen), mFortune, Somers Forge and the Mucklow Group, who have all played a pivotal role in helping the town to diversify and build on its heritage as a former coal mining hub and leading manufacturer of nails.

The addition of a motorway junction has also helped to boost transportation links with nearby Birmingham, increasing Halesowen’s popularity as a commuter town.

Halesowen Town FC also retains a cult following in the region, with their home stadium at The Grove regularly packed out. The town is also famous for being the birthplace of former Manchester United and England footballer Lee Sharpe, who was one of the country’s most exciting prospects in the early 1990s.


Halesowen’s Population and Demographics

The town of Halesowen has a population of approximately 58,135 according to the latest figures, while there is also a relatively even demographic split between women (51%) and men (49%).

Divided into north and west regions, people in the town have an average age of 42, and a median age that is slightly higher at 43. This created a mature audience for brands to target, which traditionally means that they can access marginally higher levels of disposable income.

As if to support this and underline the impact of the town’s evolution, an estimated 16.8% of the local workforce operate as professionals. A further 16% work in administrative and secretarial roles, and this has increased noticeably as a growing number of Birmingham commuters have moved to the town. Approximately 11.8% of the population also work as skilled tradespeople, and this reflects Halesowen’s lingering heritage as a prominent manufacturing hub.

The town is predominantly English according to the latest figures, with 93.1% having been born in the nation. In total, 95.8% of the local population originate from the UK, creating a vast audience for brands to target without the need to account for cultural or language barriers.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Halesowen is Beneficial

If you do decide to target customers in Halesowen, your most important decision will be to choose the most effective advertising channels.

Outdoor advertising mediums such as traditional billboards may offer the best value, thanks largely to their cost-effective nature and the exposure that they offer to brands.

Halesowen’s burgeoning reputation as a commuter town also makes OOH advertising a viable option, as adverts can be placed at roadsides to target customers as they travel.