A cathedral city in Staffordshire, Lichfield is an historic West Midlands location with a unique story to tell.

Famed for its three-spired medieval cathedral, the city’s proud and famous heritage has never prevented it from looking forward towards a more progressive future.

This is why advertising in Lichfield can be so rewarding, as its unique combination of history, growth and close proximity to Birmingham City Centre make it extremely popular among brands and customers alike.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Lichfield?

Aside from its towering cathedral and being renowned as the birthplace of writer Samuel Johnson (who penned the first authoritative English Dictionary), Lichfield also has a long and illustrious history that dates back to 669 AD.

From an economic perspective, Lichfield began to enjoy pronounced growth in the 18th century, when it was established as a busy coaching centre. This came to an end with the Industrial Revolution and the invention of railways, with the city responding by becoming a market leader in the brewery industry. This underlines the city’s progressive and proactive outlook, as it continually builds towards a more prosperous future.

Today, Lichfield is a hub of excitement and opportunity for advertisers. With light industry helping to optimise employment levels among older residents, authorities have also leveraged the city’s close proximity to Birmingham by investing in residential construction and transforming Lichfield into a commuter centre. Not only this, but new development plans for the Friarsgate Retail Park could attract 11,000 visitors to the city each month while generating hundreds of additional jobs, with major brands like Starbucks set to open brand new outlets.

Given that the city is also home to large-scale employers like the Central England Co-operative, this is likely to increase consumer confidence and spending while driving economic diversification within the area.


Lichfield’s Population and Demographics

Lichfield as an approximate population of 100,654, with an even demographic split between females (50%) and males (50%).

The people of Lichfield also have an average age of 42, while their median age is slightly higher at 44. This represents a mature target audience for brands to target, with the city’s sustained focus on light industry and growing population among senior professionals central to the creation of an older customer base.

Incredibly, 32.4% of the local population operate either as professionals (18.4%) or senior managers (14%), with many commuting to nearby cities such as Birmingham. Associate professionals and skilled tradespeople also account for 12.6% and 11.7% of the workforce respectively, creating a talented and relatively high-earning group of employees that boast impressive levels of disposable income to spend.

Corporate managers also make up 9.7% of the workforce, highlighting the established and experienced nature of Lichfield employees.

The city also boasts a higher than average rate of marriage, with 54.5% of the local population having tied the knot. A further 12% cohabit with a long-term partners, so there remains a clear emphasis on family values that is reflective of an older community.


Why Outdoor Advertising is Beneficial in Lichfield

Ultimately, Lichfield remains an historic city with a bright future, and one that will become even more appealing to advertisers once the new Friarsgate Retail development has been completed.

This, along with the rising number of affluent professionals who live in the area, will distinguish Lichfield as a hotbed of consumer activity in the years ahead.

In order to capitalise on this, you may be best served by leveraging outdoor advertising. After all, billboards of various sizes can be used to engage commuters at train stations and roadsides, while the new retail centre will also offer invaluable advertising space in prominent locations.