A district of firsts, Perry Barr is an historic, inner-city area in the north of Birmingham. It’s name is derived from Latin, with ‘Perry’ translating into small and ‘Barr’ into hill, with the towering peaks of nearby Barr Beacon thought to be the inspiration behind this moniker.

While it’s relatively small size may make advertising in Perry Barr unappealing to some, it’s location and demographics more than compensate for this.

In fact, Perry Barr can connect brands with an affluent and engaged consumer base, and one that can drive local businesses forward.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Perry Barr?

If you need convincing of Perry Barr’s appeal to advertisers, you only need to look at its recent history.

This quickly reveals the city’s deserved reputation as an area of firsts, as it has continued to innovate and blaze trails for others to follow throughout the ages. Birmingham’s first crematorium was opened there by Sir Henry Thompson back in 1903, for example, while the 1920s saw Oscar Deutsch commission the construction of the UK’s first ever Odeon cinema. Now an iconic cinema brand, the Odeon has become popular across Britain and continues to dominate the industry.

Perry Barr also boasts a number of convenient transportation links with Birmingham’s City Centre, including direct access to the M6 motorway and the A34. This, along with a large number of residential construction projects, has popularised the region among city centre workers who commute on a daily basis and attracted an increasingly professional audience from across the West Midlands.

Perry Barr is also within close proximity of Villa Park, home to Championship football side and former European Champions Aston Villa. The local Perry Barr Stadium, which was built in the 1920s and redeveloped in 2004, host greyhound racing and the Birmingham Brummies speedway team on a regular basis while often selling out its 500-seat capacity.

As a hotbed of sport, Perry Barr attracts numerous local advertisers who wish to associate themselves with popular sports and passionate fan-bases.


Perry Barr Population and Demographics

According to the latest census figures, Perry Barr has a local population of 23,652. There is also a relatively even demographic split, with 52% females and the remaining 48% male.

Perry Barr’s emergence as a popular hotspot for young professionals and commuters has also reduced the region’s average age to 36, and the median age to just 33.

This has also influenced the top occupations within the region, with an estimated 13.7% of the workforce now operating in a professional capacity. Similarly, 14.2% boast office roles as secretaries and administrators, with the majority commuting to the city centre. Perry Barr also follows the national trend of having a high level of demand for skilled tradespeople, with 10.9% of the local workforce delivering vital services to the economy.

Advertisers will also be interested to know that Perry Barr is home to a culturally diverse target audience. Just 78% of local were born in England, with a total of 80.3% originating from the UK. A further 6.8% were born in India and Pakistan, with 2.5% heralding from Jamaica.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Perry Barr is Beneficial

Make no mistake; Perry Barr’s heritage and central location make it a great bet for advertisers in the modern age.

Not only this, but outdoor advertising also offers significant value, thanks to its low-cost nature and potential to deliver an inflated ROI.

With materials such as billboards also particularly adept at targeting commuters from roadside and public transport locations, advertisers can leverage these to engage potential customers on a deep and impactful level.