A West Midlands city that was historically part of Staffordshire, Wolverhampton is one of the region’s most interesting locations.

Named after the Wulfrun community that founded the city back in 985 AD, Wolverhampton started out as a simple market town before becoming a central hub for coal mining, manufacturing and steel production during the Industrial Revolution.

With the local economy now driven by the service sector, advertising in Wolverhampton is increasingly popular and capable of connecting brands with a culturally diverse and hard-working consumer base.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Wolverhampton?

From its roots as a prominent coal mining and manufacturing hub, Wolverhampton’s local economy has evolved and diversified since the dawn of the 20th century. This began with the establishment of a lucrative bicycle industry between 1868 and 1975, which at its peak saw more than 200 manufacturers active within the city.

None exist there today, but the city has continued to deliver iron, steel and automotive production over the course of the last century (although admittedly at a considerably downsized rate). This has created a foundation from which Wolverhampton has established itself as a dominant player in the service sector, which by 2008 accounted for 74.9% of jobs in the city.

This evolution has helped to increase the rate of job creation and employment in the region, boosting earning and spending potential city-wide in the process.

At present, the largest single employer in the area is Wolverhampton City Council, which utilises more than 12,000 staff members and has brought genuine economic stability to the region. The importance of this cannot be overlooked, particularly in terms of improved consumer confidence over the course of the last decade.

Wolverhampton is also a hotbed of sporting activity, with the local speedway team one of the most widely followed in the UK. Wolverhampton Wanderers FC also boast a passionate fan base, with the side currently operating in the Championship and engaged in several partnerships with local firms.


Wolverhampton’s Population and Demographics

Wolverhampton has an estimated population of 249,470, with a largely even demographic split between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average age of people in the city is 39, although the median age is a little lower at 37. This has fallen in recent times as Wolverhampton has become increasingly active in the service sector, as this has increased the number of young professionals in the region incrementally over time.

In fact, an estimated 13.7% of the local workforce are classed as being professionals, with a further 14.7% operating in elementary and entry-level roles. As you would expect from an economy that continues to remain in touch with its heritage, 10.9% of the workforce still serve as process, plant and machine operatives, with a further 11.8% operating primarily as skilled tradespeople throughout the region.

Wolverhampton also boasts a diverse array of cultures, with just 82.3% of the local population having been born in England. India is also well-represented with 65 of the population, while Jamaica (1.6%), Pakistan (0.7%) and Zimbabwe (0.6%) also feature prominently.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Wolverhampton is Beneficial

For a city that has an increasingly young and professional workforce, outdoor advertising stands out as the single best channel through which brands should target customers.

After all, traditional billboards are extremely cost-effective and can be placed strategically at roadsides, on buildings and at train or bus stations (where commuters are likely to engage with them).

They also deliver far higher engagement rates than alternative forms of advertising, which means that they can drive a superior ROI over time.