Birstall (or Birstall and Birkenshaw as it is official known) is based in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and ideally situated between the cities of Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield and Wakefield.

In this respect, the town has benefited from the respective expansion in all of these regions, with the economic growth of Leeds and Bradford during the last 20 years particularly impactful.

Within touching distance of the M62 motorway, the town is economically active and affluent while advertising in Birstall can offer genuine rewards to businesses.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Birstall?

Aside from its ideal location, Birstall has always been something of a fulcrum for innovation. It is was home to the scientist Joseph Priestley, for example, who is credited with discovering oxygen and inventing soda water.

The town also blazed a trail during the Industrial Revolution, although it was already prosperous heading into this unique period in history. This was thanks to its role at the centre of the English white cloth industry, which grew exponentially throughout the 19th century and drove a sustained period of expansion in the region (particularly in relation to population and wealth).

The wool and textile industries gradually declined towards the end of the 20th century, however, and while the town retains an interest in manufacturing it has strived to evolve and diversify its interests over time.

To achieve this, it has once again leveraged its ideal location and equidistant position between some of Yorkshire’s most prosperous towns. Its proximity to the M62 has certainly helped, as Birstall has reinvented itself as a rural commuter town that houses a growing number of professionals who work in Leeds, Sheffield and York. This has dramatically increased the spending power of Birstall residents, creating numerous opportunities for local businesses in the process.

The town has particularly benefited from the growth and expansion of Leeds’ City Centre, which has experienced huge regeneration in recent times.


Birstall’s Population and Demographics

At the last count, Birstall has a thriving population of 16,298. The region also has a largely even demographic split of approximately 52% females and 48% male, which is typical of most towns in the UK.

The average age of people in Birstall is 40%, while the median age is a touch higher at 41. This is more or less in line with the UK average of 39, although Birstall’s average age has increased marginally as a number of experienced professionals have moved into the area.

Professional employees now represent 14.1% of the workforce, with administrative and secretarial workers just behind on 13.3%. Beyond this, associate professional and technical staff members accounts for 13% of the local population, with 11% working as managers, directors and senior officials. These numbers are all likely to increase in the near-term, with the town likely to become even more popular among commuters over time.

Advertisers can also access a largely English-speaking audience, with 98.5% of people stating that this was their first language. This makes it easier to reach larger customer segments with single campaigns, which can lead to more cost-effective spends and superior returns.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Birstall can be Beneficial

In order to optimise these returns, you may also want to consider investing in outdoor advertising.

There are several reasons for this, not least it’s cost-effective nature and capacity to drive greater engagement and a superior ROI.

This is also an exceptionally effective way of targeting a professional audience and commuters, as outdoor adverts can be strategically placed in a number of outdoor locations. The presence of the M62 reaffirms this, as this provides a thriving roadside location that sees heavy traffic on a daily basis.