While the city of Bradford is often underestimated, it boasts the type of large consumer base and economic activity that you would often expect from a major metropolis.

In fact, Bradford is the fourth largest urban area in the whole of the UK, while it is also a key contributor to the burgeoning Yorkshire and Humber economy.

These facts alone make advertising in Bradford a viable pastime, but there are additional reasons to consider this in the modern age.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Bradford?

Located in the foothills of the Pennines and just eight miles west of Leeds, Bradford as evolved from a rural market town in 1801 to a thriving that is reaping the rewards of economic diversification and regeneration.

The Industrial Revolution played a key role in this, as it enabled townsfolk to leverage the wool spinning abilities and apply this on an international scale. Bradford quickly became a boom-town during the 19th century, renowned as the ‘wool capital of the world’ while its population soared.

Of course, the 20th century saw the textile industry decline in the UK and led to a period of de-industrialisation in Bradford, but for the most part the city has rebounded well. Advertisers will be interested to note that it has certainly diversified its economic interests well, with Bradford now a pivotal player in the financial sector and home to a number of major companies.

These include the Yorkshire Building Society, Santander UK and Provident Financial (the latter being the region’s largest employer). Provident also boasts a large, £45 million flagship HQ in the city centre, and this has created thousands of jobs for locals over time. It has also helped to create a local economy worth £9.5 billion, with the number set to exceed £10 billion by the end of 2018.

Recent regeneration and infrastructure spending has also revitalised the city’s retail presence, while also creating a £35 million ‘growth zone’ which will attract more businesses to the region.


Bradford’s Population and Demographics

According to the latest figures, Bradford has an estimated population of 522,452. The city also has a largely even demographic split, with 51% of residents female and the remaining 49% male.

The rise of the city as a financial service hub has had a profound effect on demographics, with an influx of young professional lowering the average and median ages of residents to 36 and 34 respectively.

Not only this, but approximately 14.6% of the city’s workforce are now classed as professionals. A further 11.8% operate in administrative and secretarial roles, while 10.8% work at associate professional and technical level. Skilled tradespeople currently account for 11.7% of the workforce, with Bradford having benefited from an increase in skills and accreditations in recent times.

Bradford is also renowned for its ethnic diversity and high levels of immigration, with just 81.4% of the population having been born in England. A further 7.7% herald from Pakistan, with 1.2% born in India and 0.8% in Bangladesh. This can be appealing to some advertisers, who are able to target diverse demographics with different campaigns.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Bradford is Beneficial

Bradford is one of the most constantly maligned and misunderstood city’s in the UK, despite its significant growth and contribution to the Yorkshire and Humber economy.

There has certainly never been a better time for advertisers to promote brands in the city, with outdoor channels such as billboards arguably offering the best option even in the digital age.

After all, OOH advertising techniques boast superior engagement rates, while their ability to target professional commuters and roadsides and train stations has considerable merit given Bradford’s significant demographic shifts.