Dewsbury is one of those towns that you may not have heard of unless you live close by, but this does not mean that it is not a prosperous or constantly-evolving location.

A small minster town in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, Dewsbury sits to the east of Huddersfield and just to the south of the city of Leeds. It is also perched on the fringes of the River Calder, and is renowned as one of West Yorkshire’s most attractive places.

Advertising in Dewsbury can also be beneficial, particularly for brands that understand the region and its hard-working people.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Dewsbury?

Historically a part of West Riding, Dewsbury embarked on a period of growth in the late 1770s, after a short branch of the Calder and Hebble Navigation was completed to link Dewsbury to the canal system (which connected Manchester and Hull). This came just in time for the Industrial Revolution, when the town became a fulcrum for the shoddy and mungo industries which recycled and then shipped woollen items.

Continuing its growth and evolution as a mill town throughout the 19th century, Dewsbury followed the example of many northern towns by experiencing serious decline at the end of the 20th century. As the UK faced nationwide de-industrialisation, Dewsbury sought to benefit from significant investment and regeneration, with abandoned mills turned into residential housing.

The embodiment of this was the Dewsbury Revival Centre, which opened in 2010 in the former St. Mark’s Church on Halifax Road and symbolised the town’s evolution as an increasingly progressive and diverse town.

The town’s three wards certainly have diversity, with Dewsbury East home to the region’s manufacturing facilities and a largely manual labour force. This area also hosts Dewsbury’s older residents, while the south and the west boast noticeable younger demographics. Light manufacturing and production are also prominent occupations here, but these regions are also home to a marginally larger number of professionals.


Dewsbury’s Population and Demographics

Dewsbury is the largest town in the so-called Heavy Woollen District, which is renowned as a conurbation of small mill towns and boasts a total population of 62,945. The location also has an even demographic split between males (50%) and females (50%).

When you consider the whole of Dewsbury, the population has an average age of 35 and a median age of 33. The lowest median age of 29 can be found in the west of the region, while those in the east have a median age of 38.

As we have already alluded to, the town’s continued focus on manufacturing has created a high demand for process, plant and machine operatives. These employees account for 15.2% of the local workforce, with skilled tradespeople making up a further 13.2%. There has also been a marginal increase in the number of professionals as the local economy has evolved, with 10.3% of residents now employed in this capacity.

There is also a high level of ethnic diversity in Dewsbury, which means that only 77% of local speak English as their first language. Punjabi is the next most commonly spoken language with 10.6% fluent in this, while a further categorise 6.2% class Urdu as their primary dialect.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Dewsbury can be Beneficial

If you choose to advertise in Dewsbury, you can certainly access a diverse and value-conscious market that offers genuine value.

Given the diversity that exists in the north, west and east, outdoor advertising may offer the best opportunity to successfully reach customers. After all, materials such as billboards can be strategically placed in alternative areas of the town, as brands look to target diverse demographics with different campaigns.