While Goole may be a small, civil parish, it is home to a motivated and value-conscious consumer base that all great businesses love.

This is why advertising in Goole can be a deceptively rewarding endeavour, particularly for brands that sell competitively priced products and services across the board.

Almost equidistant between York and Hull, Goole can be an advertisers dream for businesses that have the right pricing structure.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Goole?

Goole’s history began in earnest when it opened as an inland port in 1826, at which time it had a modest population of 450 people. With a population now in excess of 18,000, it is clear that the town has enjoyed sustained growth since this time and continued to thrive off the back of hard work and industry.

For a long time, Goole was synonymous with the shipment of coal and crucial accessories such as pit props. The demise of the mining industry brought this to an end, of course, while also ushering in a transformation that turned Timber Pond into a marina that is now commonly known as Goole Boathouse. In terms of trade, the town has remained relevant by moving into the shipment of steel and glass, having expanded to international markets such as Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands (among others).

Crucially, the port is one of the most active and versatile on the east coast of England, while it is capable of handling nearly three million tonnes of cargo per annum.

Glass certainly plays a key role in underpinning the local economy, with numerous manufacturers based in the region. The town has also diversified into agriculture, once again leveraging its port location to optimise shipments and attract businesses to the area.

The area around the docks has also benefited from significant regeneration in recent times, with a modern retail development stationed nearby and home to various stores, bars and eateries. With the main shopping area at Wesley Square having also been redeveloped in recent times, Goole has seen its annual number of visitors and consumers increase incrementally and to the advantage of local firms.


Goole’s Population and Demographics

The latest census figures estimate the Goole population at 19,518, although this is now believed to have exceeded 20,000. There is also a largely even demographic split between Goole North and Goole South, with 51% of the population female and 49% male.

The average age of residents in Goole is 40, while the median age is a touch lower at 39. This is more or less in line with the UK average, offering a viable platform from which advertisers can target various customer segments.

At present, entry-level and elementary job roles dominate the Goole workforce, accounting for 23.7% of local employees. Elementary administration and service roles account for a further 16.7%, while the town continued focus on light manufacturing means that 14.1% of locals work as process, plant and machine operatives. 13% of the workforce also operate as skilled tradesmen, with many contributing to the production of glass in the town.

Advertisers may also be interested to note that Goole has a relatively diverse cultural demographic, with just 86.8% of the population having been born in England. South America (0.4%), Hong Kong (0.1%) and the Philippines (0.1%) are also well-represented, which reflects how the appeal of the town extends beyond the UK.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Goole is Beneficial

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why businesses should advertise in Goole, particularly if they have access to competitively priced products or services that prioritise value.

In terms of successfully targeting Goole residents, outdoor advertising may also offer considerable value. After all, this cost-effective method of advertising helps firms to optimise the margins in lower value products, while it also offers excellent exposure in a diverse economy and varied job market.