Halifax is best-known as a minster town in the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale in West Yorkshire, and one that was once the capital of the region’s woolen manufacturing industry back in the 15th century. 

In the years since, the town of Halifax has become home to some of the UK’s favourite confectionary and sweet treats, including Mackintosh’s chocolate and toffee products Rolo and Quality Street. 

With the famous Halifax Building Society also having originated in the region, this town is uniquely diverse and is considered by many to be an advertiser’s dream! 

Why Advertise on Billboards in Halifax? 

Make no mistake; the economic diversity of Halifax is central to the town’s growth, which has evolved considerably since the Halycon days of the Industrial Revolution. 

Back then, Halifax was a bustling industrial town, and one that was focused on the production of wool, carpets, machine tools and beer. This helped to establish Halifax as a key manufacturing hub, enabling companies like Mackintosh & Co. Limited and Rowntree to start developing their confectionary goods there. 

These firms merged in 1969 on the back of considerable sales and success, before this new company was acquired by the confectionary giant Nestle back in 1988. 

There’s no doubt that commercial entities tend to grow in Halifax, with the iconic building society of the same name having being founded in 1853. Within 60 years, it was the single largest building society in the whole of the UK, whilst it was eventually acquired by Lloyds Bank in 2008. 

Halifax is also home to Suma Wholefoods, which was founded in 1975 and is now the largest workers’ co-operative in the UK. 

There’s a clear trend emerging here, as Halifax clearly boasts a diverse and active economy that has continued to grow over a sustained period of times.  

This type of growth is extremely appealing to advertisers, who can use billboards to target the diverse range of consumers that regular shop for everything that Halifax has to offer. 

Halifax’s Population and Demographics 

If you were to check the latest census data, you’d see that Halifax was home to more that 82,500 people, whist the surrounding jurisdiction of Calderdale boasted a local population of 203,826. 

The gender split here was 51% females and 49% males, which is fairly common in town and cities throughout the UK. 

In Halifax, the average and median age of residents is 40 years old, creating a slightly more mature and slightly more affluent audience for advertisers to target. 

Interestingly, the diverse nature of the Halifax economy is also reflected by the most commonplace occupations, with 16.9% of residents classed as professionals. However, skilled tradespeople also account for 12.1% of local employees, whilst a further 10% work diligently in elementary and low-skilled roles. 

Around 8.8% of the local population also work as process, plant and machine operatives, which reflects the fact that small-scale manufacturing continues to thrive in Halifax. 

In total, an estimated 93.4% of the Halifax population herald from either the UK or Ireland, including 90.6% who were born in England. 

Overall, 95% of people living in Halifax currently speak English as their first language, making it far easier for advertisers to target a mass market without any linguistic barriers. 

On a final note, 59.4% of the Halifax population are either married or cohabiting with a partner. This is marginally higher than the national average, so it’s a great place to market products for couples and families. 


Why is Outdoor Advertising Beneficial in Halifax? 

Halifax is unlike any other town in the UK, and you’d certainly be hard-pushed to find a location that has such a diverse history or active economy. 

For a relatively small jurisdiction, it’s certainly proven to be adaptable over time, and this has proved crucial to its success during the significant socio-economic change that the UK has seen during the last 70 years or so. 

If you are advertising in Halifax, there’s definitely merit to using outdoor mediums such as billboards. The reason for this is simple; as the town boasts a competitive employment rate which means that the vast majority of residents work regularly and are always looking for ways to spend their hard-earned cash. 

Halifax is also home to a growing number of commuters, who make use of the town’s excellent transport links including the M62 motorway and the Tees-Exe line along the A461. These roads can be used to target customers with large-scale billboards, at a time when they’re most likely to engage with the world around them!