While Disneyland may be classed as the self-proclaimed ‘happiest place on earth’, the Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire may run it close.

Consistently voted as being the happiest place to live in Britain since 2013, Harrogate combines prosperity with lush greenlands to stunning effect and is home to an increasingly affluent consumer base.

With this in mind, advertising in Harrogate is an exceptionally worthwhile endeavour that connects brands to an engaged, content and well-resourced customer base.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Harrogate?

Harrogate has always had a reputation for happiness and innovation, even dating back to the 16th century. Known fondly as ‘The English Spa’ in the Georgian era once its natural springs had been discovered, Harrogate became a popular tourist attraction while its waters were also used as popular health remedies by wealthy residents during the 1700s.

At this time, Harrogate drew much of its wealth from natural spa waters, although the town has gradually diversified in the centuries since. Innovation has also sat at the heart of this evolution, with the development of water gas by local engineer Samson Fox offering a relevant case in point.

Tourism remains a key part of the town’s robust economy, as does the conference and exhibition industry (the Harrogate International Centre is established as third largest, fully integrated conference outlet in the UK). This centre also adds an impressive £150 million to the local economy, while attracting 350,000 business visitors from across the globe on an annual basis.

Harrogate is also a producer and exporter of numerous popular products, including Yorkshire Tea, Harrogate Spring Water, Farrah’s Toffee, Harrogate Blue Cheese and Debbie & Andrews Sausages.

Harrogate’s also boasts outstanding schools and housing, while its excellent transportation links to neighbouring city’s have made it an increasingly popular commuter town. It’s reputation as such as a happy and progressive place to live also attracts huge swathes of visitors, creating significant opportunities for local brands and businesses.


Harrogate’s Population and Demographics

The town of Harrogate has a population of 157,689, with a relatively even demographic split between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average age of people in Harrogate is 42, with the town’s median age a touch higher at 43. This is noticeably higher than the UK average age of 39, with the town increasingly popular among older residents who are looking to settle down, start a family and build towards a financially secure future.

Harrogate’s diverse economy and burgeoning reputation as a commuter hotspot has defined the town’s demographics, with 18.3% of the local population currently working as professionals. Managers, directors and senior officials account for a further 14.4%, with associate professionals and technical support staff next in line with 14.3%. Corporate managers and directors also account for 9.2% of the workforce, reinforcing an affluent and skilled demographic that offers huge value to advertisers.

As you would expect from a town of this type, Harrogate boasts a higher than average rate of marriage and cohabitation. In total, 53.35 of residents are married with a further 11.3% cohabiting with a partner. In contrast just 19.3% are single, meaning that brands who sell products or services aimed at families are likely to benefit considerably from advertising in Harrogate.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Harrogate is Beneficial

It is fair to say that happy consumers make for confident and motivated shoppers, which should offer a compelling enough reason for businesses to advertise in Harrogate.

The increasingly professional and affluent nature of Harrogate residents also means that outdoor advertising is particularly effective, as adverts can be placed at roadsides and transportation hubs to excellent effect.

The low-cost nature of OOH also enables brands to optimise their margins even when selling high-end products or services to locals.