Equidistant between Leeds and Manchester, the town of Huddersfield remains one of the largest locations of its type in the UK. It also has a proud and distinct heritage, while it remains true to its industrial roots to this day.

This means that advertising in Huddersfield can be a rewarding pastime, particularly for local businesses that are looking to expand and capitalise on the region’s continued evolution.

Now a thriving manufacturing town and increasingly popular commuter hub, Huddersfield has a future that is almost as bright as its illustrious past.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Huddersfield?

Huddersfield’s unique heritage dates back more than 4,000 years, with an Iron Age hill fort having being discovered in the heart of the town.

The most interesting period of its history came during the Industrial Revolution, however, as while neighbouring locations thrived during this time Huddersfield found itself at the centre of civil unrest. With traditional trade declining as crops failed and local weavers lost their livelihood to advanced machinery, Luddites began destroying newly formed mills and fighting against industrialisation. This saw the town become a place of huge conflict during the 19th century, with up to one thousand soldiers stationed in Huddersfield during the peak of the troubles.

Despite this, Huddersfield has continued to thrive as a manufacturing town, while it continues to produce wool on a smaller, domestic scale. It has also moved into engineering and chemical production, the latter of which is now major employer and a key driver of the UK’s leading growth sector in the modern age. Leading metalwork and electronic factories also support high rates of employment in the region, while creating a platform on which the town has been able to diversify.

Thanks to this, Huddersfield has been able to move into administration and education, with the town’s university currently ranked 72nd in the UK. This has now emerged as the major employer in the town, while it has also triggered an influx of affluent professionals in the area. This is great news for advertisers, particularly those that are looking to market higher end goods and services.

Huddersfield is also a hotbed of sport, particularly with the town’s football team now operating in the Premier League. The area is also known as the birthplace of Rugby League, which is something that local advertisers have leveraged for years.


Huddersfield’s Population and Demographics

Huddersfield has an estimated population of 162,949, with a relatively even demographic split between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average and median age of people in the town is 38, which marginally lower than the UK number of 39. Much of this can be attributed to the popularity of the local university, although the rising number of young professionals in the area is also a key consideration.

The influence of the university can be also be seen on Huddersfield’s social grade and prominent occupations, with 34.9% of the population classed as working in higher administrative, managerial or professional job roles. A further 30.8% operate at supervisory, clerical or associate professional level, while a relatively high 19.4% work as skilled manual workers. Just 15% of the workforce consists of unskilled labour, which underlines the advanced nature of manufacturing in the region.

Advertisers will also know that Huddersfield poses few challenges in terms of language or cultural barriers, with more than 96% of the local population having been born in England.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Huddersfield is Beneficial

With a diverse economy, youthful audience and increasing number of affluent professionals, there has never been a better time to advertise in Huddersfield.

Outdoor advertising also appears to offer tremendous value to local brands, and not only because of its cost-effective nature. This is also a great way of targeting students and younger customers, while roadside ads are also effective at reaching busy professionals during their daily commute.