Whilst it may not be well-known to everyone, Ilkley is a small spa town and civil parish in West Yorkshire that can trace its origins all the way back to 11,000 BC and the Mesolithic period. 

The area is also likely to have been continuously settled since the Bronze Age, since which time it has been owned by William the Conqueror, led the way in hydropathy and emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations on West Yorkshire. 

So, despite its relatively low profile in the UK, Ilkley is a fascinating and diverse town that has always provided outstanding value to advertisers. 

Why Advertise on Billboards in Ilkley?

Let’s start with the basics; as the primary reason for Ilkley’s popularity amongst advertisers is its glowing reputation as a popular tourist resort. 

This includes visitors from both overseas and elsewhere in the UK, who flock for miles to enjoy the iconic Ilkley Moor and the town’s impressive range of shops, boutiques and entertainment outlets. 

Make no mistake; Ilkley is an incredibly appealing shopping town, and one that sells everything from game and designer fashion labels to fine wine and expensive artworks. The Victorian parades of Grove and Brook Street also boast a huge range of specialty shops, which attract the attention of consumers on a huge scale. 

Given the consumer-centric nature of Ilkley and its popularity amongst tourists, anybody who heads there is likely to spend a considerable amount of time outside of the home and on the move.  

This is great news for OOH and billboard advertisers, who can target this motivated and engaged audience with strategically placed ads in an around Ilkley and major connecting transporting links such as the M62 and the A65 road between Leeds and Kendal. 

Then there’s the locals; many of whom either work in Ilkley itself or in neighbouring cities like York and Bradford.  

These individuals can be effectively targeted using large-form, roadside billboards, whilst they clearly comprise a large audience given that the unemployment rate in Ilkely is just 1.8%. 

On a final note, 65.4% of the local population are either married or cohabit with a partner, and this is well above the national average recorded in the UK. 

Ilkley’s Population and Demographics 

But what about the town’s demographics? Well, the last census estimated the Ilkley population to include 14,809 people, comprising a gender split of 53% females and 47% males. 

Interestingly, the average age of people in Ilkley is 45, with the median age a touch higher at 47. Both of these figures are above the national average, whilst they’re indicative of a mature audience that boasts slightly higher-than-usual disposable income levels. 

This is also borne out by the most popular professions in Ilkley, with skilled and well-paid positions dominating the employment market. In fact, a hefty 46.9% of the population work as professionals, managers and senior directors, whilst corporate managers and executives account for a further 11%. 

These numbers include Ilkley’s growing community of commuters, who work outside of the town by earn enough money to live in an increasingly affluent and in-demand area.  

Interestingly, Ilkley is also a town that has largely been untouched by immigration, with a whopping 95.2% of the local population having been born in the British Isles. As a result, an estimated 98.3% of all Ilkely residents speak English as the first language, and this enables outdoor advertisers to capture as large an audience as possible with their campaigns. 


Why is Outdoor Advertising in Ilkley Beneficial? 

In many ways, the Yorkshire town of Ilkley is an advertiser’s dream, from its location and growing popularity as a tourist destination to the motivation and spending power that are inherent to its residents. 

Outdoor advertising methods such as billboards represent the best way of targeting consumers in Ilkley too, and there are a couple of reasons for this. 

Firstly, Ilkley sees considerable amounts of traffic flow in and out of the town on a daily basis, including tourists and locals who commute to work in Leeds or Bradford. This means that the connecting M62 and surrounding A-roads are ideal locations for 48 and 96-billboards, which can target potential customers at a time when they’re likely to engage with their surroundings. 

Secondly, Ilkely is a tourist hotspot that’s renowned as a big-spending consumer hub, which means that its visitors are already inclined to spend their hard-earned cash in the town. 

Local advertisers can therefore use strategically placed OOH ads to promote their ventures and encourge people to visit their stores or engage further online.