Keighley is a deceptively large town and civil parish that resides in the metropolitan borough of Bradford, just 11 miles from the city centre.

In fact, Keighley’s large population distinguishes the town as the third largest civil parish in England, and one that is home to considerable diversity and opportunity for advertisers.

The townsfolk also have a passion for sport and particularly Rugby League, which remains one of the most popular pastimes in the whole of the Yorkshire region.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Keighley?

Keighley is actually split into three separate wards, with central, west and east regions contributing to the town’s economy and total population.

While this is the case with numerous towns and parishes in the UK, Keighley is unique in that each ward is relatively diverse in its nature and capable of offering advertisers access to a different set of demographics.

The central ward is where the town’s light industry and manufacturing facilities are based, with the local population particularly young, value-conscious relatively low-skilled. In contrast, Keighley age has a far more mature and professional consumer base, with a number of residents known to commute to Bradford through the region’s busy railway line.

The western ward also has a mature population, although the local workforce here is dominated by elementary workers and boasts a high propensity of skilled tradespeople. The diversity of the local economy certainly supports a strong labour market in the town, while it means that a combination of accurate demographic data and strategically placed adverts can help brands to successfully target customer segments.

We have already touched on the popularity of Rugby League in the area, with the Keighley Cougars home to a passionate local fan-base. Despite currently operating in the third tier of English Rugby League, their local ground has a capacity of 7,500 and regularly boasts a superb atmosphere for games.


Keighley’s Population and Demographics

According to the most recent figures, Keighley has a local population of 56,348, with the town itself home to 51,429 residents. These are split relatively evenly among between the three wards, while overall the town has a demographic distribution of 51% females and 49% males.

The average and median ages of Keighley locals certainly varies for each ward, but overall the town boasts a young and engaged consumer base. In total, the average age of people in Keighley is 36, while the median age is lower at 35. Both of these figures are below the UK average, so there is certainly a vibrancy in Keighley that other towns may lack.

The job market in Keighley is particularly diverse, especially when you combine the figures from the three wards in one. In short, approximately 13.6% of the local population work in elementary roles, with a further 13.2% operating as skilled tradespeople. 12% of locals work as professionals (with this number set to grow incrementally in the years ahead), while the town’s manufacturing roots are respected by the fact that 12.1% serve as process, plant and machine operatives.

Keighley’s ethnicity is also relatively diverse, with approximately 83.4% having originated from the UK and Ireland. EU and economic migration is relatively low at 3.1%, while 13.6% of the local population herald from outside of the European Union.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Keighley can be Beneficial

Keighley is definitely a diverse town, and when combined with a large population this creates a compelling proposition for advertisers.

It can also be argued that outdoor advertising is particularly effective when marketing products in Keighley, especially with such a clear distinction between regions in the east, west and centre. By understand the core demographics of each ward and identifying strategic locations for your adverts, you can generate a huge number of leads while optimising your conversion rate accordingly.