Otley is a small market town and civil parish that sits on the idyllic River Wharfe, whilst it remains one of the most underrated jewels in West Yorkshire’s impressive crown. 

It’s history dates back to 972AD too, whilst its name is thought to have been partially derived from the world Otto (which was a popular Saxon name at the time) and the Old English term for a woodland clearing (Leah). 

In the years since, Otley has enjoyed multiple lives and incarnations, from the pivotal role that it played in the Industrial Revolution to a town that remains a popular base for professionals working in Leeds and Bradford.  

Why Advertise on Billboards in Otley? 

Despite its long history and rich heritage, Otley only really came to prominence during the Industrial Revolution. 

This period in history saw the woolen industry in the UK enjoy significant growth, as it transitioned from a cottage industry to a key economic engine. At this time, mills were built using water rather than steam power, with Otley benefitting by the construction of both a cotton mill and a weaving shed by the Wharfe in the late 18th century. 

By 1865, the Otley railway station also opened to connect goods and people to the city of Leeds, with up to 50 trains passing along this route each day during peak years. 

This period represented the Halcyon days for Otley, who saw it private housing greatly reduced as industry declined and the local economy shrank after the Second World War. 

Whilst the region’s army of factories and print works may have gradually closed their doors in the last 70 years, however, Otley has been quick to reinvent itself as a popular commuter hub in the modern age. 

This has not only boosted economic growth in the region and led to improved employment rates, but it has also established Otley as a popular location for both local and national advertisers alike.  

From a billboard advertising perspective, the A660 road that connects to Leeds offers tremendous opportunities, as this is the ideal location for larger-than-life 48 and 96-sheet advertisements.  

Otley’s Population and Demographics 

According to the latest census data, the local population in Otley was estimated at 13,668. This number is also included in the larger ward of Otley and Yeadon in Leeds, which is currently home to 22,233 people. 

The gender split here is 52% females to 48% males, whilst the average age of an Otley resident is 43. The median age is a shade higher at 44, and this highlights the relatively mature target market that currently resides in the town. 

As you’d expect from a commuter town, the vast majority of Otley residents work as either professionals (19.2%), skilled tradespeople (12%) and technical employees (11.9%). A further 10.1% of the population work as managers or directors, creating a scenario where 53.4% of locals currently hold down skilled job roles. 

It’s thought that a high proportion of these people work in either Leeds or Bradford, as they make the daily journey in and out of Otley along the A660. 

The vast majority of Otley residents were also born in the UK, with 96.7% of the populating having initially heralded from England, Scotland, Wales, Eire or Northern Ireland. As a result of this, a whopping 98.7% of Otley residents speak English as their first language, meaning that there are few linguistic barriers for advertisers to overcome when mass-marketing their goods! 

An impressive 48.5% of Otley residents are married too, whilst 12.9% currently cohabit with a partner. This hints at the traditional values that underpin the population in Otley, whilst arguably making some products and services a little more popular than others! 


Why is Outdoor Advertising Beneficial in Otley? 

Like a number of similar towns and locations in West Yorkshire, Otley has begun to thrive as a consumer hub that’s home to a number of hard-working and well-off professionals. 

This is music to the ears of outdoor advertisers, as it makes for an engaged and affluent demographic that has plenty of disposable income to spend. 

But why is outdoor advertising so beneficial in the town of Otley? One of the reasons is the aforementioned A660, which connects Otley residents to Leeds and Bradford and enables companies to target commuters with visually impressive, 48 and 96-sheet billboards.  

At the same time, traditional billboards provide a competitive and cost-effective way to reach an affluent audience, boosting the potential ROI on an advertiser’s marketing spend whilst optimising their exposure.