Part of the famous West Riding of Yorkshire, Pontefract is an historic market town that first came to prominence during the English Civil War.

Even though it remains a simple market town that has retained a clear cultural identity, however, Pontefract has also grown incrementally in line with a larger population and wider economic expansion.

So, advertising in Pontefract can offer tremendous value to local brands, particularly those looking to appeal to a traditional and value-conscious consumer base.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Pontefract?

Pontefract has been a market town ever since the Middle Ages, with the main days currently on Wednesday and Saturday (with a smaller gathering scheduled on Fridays). This always draws a large number of locals and residents from surrounding five towns in the Wakefield district, creating ample opportunity for local businesses to sell and advertise their goods.

Advertisers are always looking for towns that boast a unique proposition and competitive advantage over others, and Pontefract certainly fits this description. It is one of the few places in the UK that boasts the deep and sandy soil to grow liquorice, for example, and this remains a source of growth and employment in the area.

The town’s liquorice confectionery industry continues to thrive to this day, with the famous Pontefract Cakes produced in high volumes. The famous sweet brand Haribo also owns the town’s two liquorice factories, along with the prolific Tangerine Confectionery facility. Interestingly, a liquorice festival is held annually in the town, and this is known to attract both local advertisers and customers in equal measure.

With local farmer Robert Copley also introducing a liquorice crop to the town, we are likely to see further growth and more job created in the near-term.

Like a number of similar towns in the Yorkshire area, Pontefract has also leveraged its location to become a prominent commuter hub. In fact, there are three railway stations in the region, with outlets in Baghill, Monkhill and Tanshelf connecting York and Sheffield, Leeds and Wakefield and Bradford and London respectively. This has distinguished Pontefract as an ideal destination for city commuters, triggering an influx of affluent professional into the town as a result.


Pontefract’s Population and Demographics

Pontefract currently has a population of 30,881, with the local demographics split relatively evenly between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average age of Pontefract residents is estimated at 41, although the median age is a little higher at 42. In general, Pontefract is thought to have a relatively mature audience, although those in the north of the town are noticeably younger and actually have a median age of 39.

As you would expect from a town that retains a strong affiliation with manufacturing and production, elementary and process, plant and machine operatives dominate the workforce (accounting for 14.2% and 11.8% of employees respectively). Despite this, the number of people with professional occupations is also rising in the region, with an estimated 13.2% of Pontefract residents now operating at this level. Around 9.4% also operate at senior management level, and this number is likely to increase in the future.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Pontefract can be Beneficial

Clearly, Pontefract is an historic market town that has remained true to its working class routes and proud manufacturing heritage.

This does not mean that the town cannot cast an eye to the future, however, and the influx of commuting professionals has certainly helped to diversify the economy while increasing the spending potential of customers.

In order to leverage this, businesses should consider outdoor advertising. Not only is this a cost-effective marketing medium that can increase your ROI, but it also boasts superior levels of engagement and can used successfully at a number of external locations throughout the town.