A city in West Yorkshire, Wakefield sits on the shore of the River Calder and is within a stone’s throw of the picturesque Pennines.

Dubbed the ‘Merrie City’ by John Leland in the Middle Ages, Wakefield has remained to true to its earnest and industrial roots while continuing to evolve in the digital age.

This makes advertising in Wakefield a deceptively lucrative pastime, and one that can deliver huge returns for local businesses.


Why Advertise on Billboards in Wakefield?

It was during the War of the Roses that Wakefield first came to prominence, as a Royalist stronghold and a key market town. It also served as a strategic, inland port during the Civil War, using its location on the navigable River Calder to ship wool and generate income.

This continued during the 18th and 19th centuries, as Wakefield continued to trade textiles while also dealing in corn and coal mining.

While the closure of local mines and the de-industrialisation of city triggered a temporary decline at the end of the 20th century, Wakefield has since rebounded on the back of increased, inward investment (from both the UK and Europe) and sustained regeneration. Around the turn of the century, employment rates also increased by 12%, as the city diversified into thriving service industries while continuing to support light industry and manufacturing in the region.

Advertisers may also be interested to know that Wakefield is a fully-fledged member of the Leeds City Regional Partnership, which is an economic development scheme that runs throughout Yorkshire and creates numerous opportunities for local brands.

Wakefield also has an extremely popular Rugby League team, which boasts a passionate fan-base and numerous partnerships with local businesses and prominent brands in the region.


Wakefield’s Population and Demographics

The city of Wakefield has an estimated population of 77,512, which is split relatively evenly between females (51%) and males (49%).

The average age of people in Wakefield is 40, while the median age is marginally higher at 41. This is slightly higher than the UK average age of 39, which reflects the city’s continued reliance on manufacturing and light industry.

In terms of prominent occupations, 15.6% of the workforce operate at elementary and entry level, with administrative and secretarial employees accounting for a further 11%. A total of 12.1% also operate as skilled tradespeople, with 10.8% continuing to work diligently as process, plant and machine operatives. There is also a growing band of professionals who reside in Bradford, with these employees accounting for 12.2% of the workforce.

Unlike the majority of Yorkshire regions, Wakefield is largely dominated by English and British born residents. 92.8% of citizens were born in England, for example, while 94.8% herald from the UK and Ireland.

Renowned as a hard-working and honest city, the residents of Wakefield also appear to share traditional, family values. In fact, 61.4% of locals are married or involved in a long-term relationship with a partner, while just 21.6% are single. This gives advertisers a clear audience to target, depending on the precise products or services that they sell.


Why Outdoor Advertising in Wakefield is Beneficial

While Wakefield may have emerged from humble beginnings, it has managed to enjoy sustained growth and economic diversification during the course of the last 20 years.

Despite this, it has remained true to its earnest and hard-working roots, with its value-conscious consumer base always likely to make informed purchasing decisions.

With this in mind, outdoor advertising represents an excellent way to target this audience. It’s cost-effective nature is certainly ideal for low-margin products, while channels such as billboards are also renowned as being extremely engaging and capable of blending into the background.