This amazing billboard was built near the U.S. and Canadian border in Blaine, Washington The structure is impressive to say the least, not only is it massive it is made of stainless steel rods that once put together look like tangled wood or a static TV set. The meshed together steel rods form a window to the natural world behind it, basically framing the sky.

Non-sign II

So if you ever happen to be on a road trip through Washington state then make a detour to see this – one of the strangest billboards of all time! It was built by Lead Pencil Studio’s and is supposedly called “Non Sign II” – a roadside anti-advertisement that we all know at first glance looks like just another crazy piece of urban sculpture but in fact this anti-advertisement carries a very important message for us all…

Non sign II 2

Those of you that think more about the world around us will clearly see the message this billboard is trying to portray, we live in an age where we are surrounded by advertising, good and bad, it’s plan to distract us from our daily lives – whilst I endorse this with some form of selfishness I also understand our moral obligations. The “Non Sign II” does the exact opposite by reminding us of our surroundings and the beauty we pass everyday.

Non Sign II 3

Lead Pencil Studio’s Daniel Mihalyo says, “Borrowing the effectiveness of billboards to redirect attention away from the landscape… this permanently open aperture between nations works to frame nothing more than a clear view of the changing atmospheric conditions beyond.”

This statement of a billboard really intrigues me, it’s message is simple, its construction complicated, it challenges us to think more about the beauty we see around us rather than the constant bombardment of colours, images, lights and words!

Non Sign II 4

Believe it or not but the billboard was commissioned by the US federal Government in its mission towards growing interest in the US towards the environment and even art – lets hope the UK government follows in their path, how nice would it to see commission like this popping up around the UK?

Non Sign II 4

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