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BOB, our new online planning and mapping tool gives you real-time data on our full network of roadside billboards to help you plan your next OOH campaign. But what can BOB actually do, and how can it help you when it comes to planning and booking OOH campaigns?

Here, we take a look at the top five benefits of BOB;

See real-time data on our 540+ billboards

BOB spec

When planning a campaign, we want you to have all the information on each of our billboards at the touch of a button, so when searching our UK-wide portfolio, BOB maps all our live sites and gives you a full spec breakdown (all updated in real-time). That way, you can get a clear and instant picture of any site’s position, format, condition, traffic count and artwork spec.

Search to suit your objectives

BOB search

Whether your campaign aim is to geo-target your audience in a particular location or radius of a point of interest, or you want to book a particular billboard format (our portfolio includes Classic 48 and 96 sheets, Digital 48 and 96 screens, DM6 screens and our iconic RISE+ Towers), BOB helps you by filtering our sites and plotting them on an easy-to-view map.

Each billboard format is colour coded, so they are easy to pin-point in the map view, meaning you get a realistic overview of all sites that fit your criteria. BOB’s clever ‘add all visible media to campaign’ button helps you to quickly build campaigns in minutes.

Get proactive and plan ahead

BOB Campaigns

BOB helps you plan and build multiple campaigns in your personal Campaign Planner . Here, you can save and edit the information and criteria as you need. Once you have created an account and located all the sites you need, you can save them with the touch of a button. BOB then organises and stores all your campaigns in one easy-to-access portal, where you can update and action them when you are ready. Update information including start dates, duration and format, as well as adding or removing individual sites to build and plan every detail of your campaign.

Share campaigns directly with colleagues and clients

BOB share

Once saved in your Campaign Planner, BOB can send all the details direct to your colleagues or clients so they can easily collaborate and feedback with you. Save on emails and messages and update your campaign requirements directly with BOB, so you know you’ve got the most up-to-date information that everyone can review.

Save time!

BOB time

Last, but certainly not least, we have built BOB specifically to save you time when it comes to planning and booking your OOH campaigns. With its intuitive navigation and multi-filter function, BOB is quick to plan, easy to share, and requesting a quote from our sales team couldn’t be simpler.

See how BOB can assist you today! Ask BOB
Book your billboard today.
Book your billboard today.

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