Free Download: How To Increase Student Enrolment With Outdoor Advertising

Our education advertising specialists have published a free, comprehensive guide on how outdoor advertising can help schools, colleges and universities boost student enrolment. The Guide For raising broad awareness in defined targeted locations, you’re unlikely to find a more effective method of promotion than out of home advertising. Strategically placed outdoor advertising is ideal for […]

Advertising to Students – The Complete Guide

For years, advertisers across the globe have targeted students as part of their various marketing campaigns. This demographic is becoming increasingly popular with every passing year too, particularly as those currently turning 18 are now part of the lucrative Millennial demographic. Make no mistake; the world’s two billion Millennials are now coming of age, with […]

How Universities & Colleges Are Acquiring Students With Outdoor Advertising

If you listen to rumours, you could be forgiven for thinking that the level of demand for higher education in the UK had declined during the last five years. This assumption is largely based on rising tuition fees, which have made the process of pursuing higher education increasingly prohibitive from a financial perspective.

How Universities Can Utilise Billboards to Attract Students

In many ways, universities and colleges in the UK face a number of difficult challenges in the current economic climate. Not only has the number of students fallen in recent times (from 2.34 million in 2013 to £2.26 million last year), for example, but rising tuition fees have also deterred potential graduates and encouraged them to pursue an alternative course.