The Power of Billboards in Retail – Boosting Customer Footfall

In today’s bustling retail landscape, outdoor advertising stands as a beacon, guiding potential customers towards businesses.  With the high streets brimming with competition, the strategic placement of billboards and signs can make all the difference, offering retailers a unique edge in capturing the attention of passersby. What is Customer Footfall? Footfall, in the retail lexicon, […]

How to Create an Effective Outdoor Media Strategy

There’s no doubt that out-of-home (OOH) advertising has enjoyed exceptional growth of late, especially as it recovers from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdowns. To this end, the total OOH ad spend in the UK recently peaked at £901 million, while this figure is poised to grow by a staggering 31.5% […]

A Guide to Outdoor Advertising for Local Restaurants – Updated for 2021

Local restaurants often succeed or fail based on the consistency of their visual identity and the quality of their food, which is why so many outsource the cultivation of their brand and marketing strategy to an industry expert. We’ve recently seen a significant shift in the marketing channels typically used to promote restaurant brands, however, […]

How to Dominate Your Local Market – Updated June 2020

When people discuss the continued growth in out-of-home (OOH) advertising, there’s often a clear focus on digital channels. There’s a good reason for this too; with the ad revenue generated by digital OOH having increased for 15 consecutive years from 2003 to peak at £603 million in 2018. However, the findings of this study suggest […]

What is the Purpose of Billboard Advertising?

The out-of-home (OOH) advertising spend continues to rise in the UK, with digital channels dominating this market. Make no mistake, the DOOH spend will increase by nearly 10% during 2019 alone, whilst accounting for 54% of the total amount invested in outdoor advertising budgets.  Whilst digital billboards may be increasingly dominant in the marketplace, however, we’ve seen a general […]

The Psychological Impact of Billboard Advertising

Let’s face facts; you can spend as much as you like on marketing, but if you’re unable to understand the thoughts or actions of your customers it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve a suitable return on this investment. This is why an appreciation of psychology is central to all successful marketing campaigns, with subtle techniques such […]

Outdoor Advertising for Coffee Shops – The Key Considerations

Coffee shop

For those of you who love your cup of morning joe, you’ve probably noticed the proliferation of coffee shops on the UK high street in recent times. The most recent figures suggest that there were more than 22,000 coffee shops open in the UK at the end of last year, with the number of branded […]

Outdoor Advertising for Gyms – The Key Considerations

The nation’s fitness industry has continued to grow over the course of the last few years, with an estimated 9.7 million gym members now registered in the UK. Overall, it’s believed that one in seven Brits are now members of a gym, with brands recently reporting a record-high market penetration rate of 14.9%. At the […]

A Guide to Outdoor Advertising for Local Travel Agencies

In the digital age, we’ve seen businesses across an array of industries make the gradual transition online. This is only to be expected, particularly with a growing number of transactions taking place online and through smartphones. This trend is particularly evident in the leisure and tourism market, where online brands have grown to dominate the […]

A Guide to Outdoor Advertising for Local Car Garages

Car salesmen always seem to get a bad rap, although this is largely based on half-truths, misconceptions and often deliberate parodies. In fact, this much-maligned demographic continue to play a pivotal role in the UK’s automotive industry, which generates around £82 billion in turnover and £20.2 billion in added value every single year. This market […]