How to Promote Events with Out of Home Advertising

Event marketing represents big businesses in the UK, particularly as businesses grow to recognise the importance of in-person communication and connectivity in the digital age.  This is borne out by the figures too, with 95% of marketers in agreement that live events provide all parties to forge valuable relationships in a digitally-oriented world. A further 80% of […]

What is the Purpose of Billboard Advertising?

The out-of-home (OOH) advertising spend continues to rise in the UK, with digital channels dominating this market. Make no mistake, the DOOH spend will increase by nearly 10% during 2019 alone, whilst accounting for 54% of the total amount invested in outdoor advertising budgets.  Whilst digital billboards may be increasingly dominant in the marketplace, however, we’ve seen a general […]

The Psychological Impact of Billboard Advertising

Let’s face facts; you can spend as much as you like on marketing, but if you’re unable to understand the thoughts or actions of your customers it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve a suitable return on this investment. This is why an appreciation of psychology is central to all successful marketing campaigns, with subtle techniques such […]

Outdoor Advertising in the Entertainment Industry

There are few markets in the world as big as the entertainment industry, which produces everything from the hits of the silver screen to the next Mercury Prize winner. To put the sheer size of this market into perspective, it’s estimated that global revenue from entertainment will reach a staggering $2.2 trillion by 2021. The […]

How to Sell More Tickets With Billboard Advertising

This is a lesson that even the most innovative and disruptive businesses are finally beginning to heed, with streaming giants Netflix having recently invested a staggering $300 million in billboard advertising. Billboards are a particularly effective medium, particularly when looking to assist conversions and sell products to customers. But if you were looking to sell […]

Newspaper VS Billboard Advertising: A Comparative Guide

Whilst you may be preoccupied with online marketing in the digital age, it is ultimately an integrated strategy that will deliver the best results. This means that you should also market your business offline, as you look to optimise your reach and drive higher levels of customer engagement.

How To Effectively Target Millennials With Billboard Advertising

For brands or business-owners, the Millennial generation is the single most influential target market in the modern age. Referring to individuals born between 1982 and 2000, this demographic is also beginning to peak in terms of impact, size and, most importantly, spending power.

Here’s Why Big Brands Spend Millions On Outdoor Advertising

Why do big brands pour millions of their marketing budget into outdoor advertising? What do they know that most small to medium sized businesses don’t? Well, they know that if people have never heard of you, they won’t search for you. They also know that brand advertising builds authentic consumer relationships, develops trust and proposes viable solutions in relation to specific, search engine queries.