“What is a billboard?” – a Report into the Most Popular OOH Search Trends

In today’s world of ever-increasing digital marketing channels, out-of-home (OOH) advertising remains an effective way for businesses to reach their target audiences. However, many people are still unfamiliar with OOH advertising and how it works, so to get a better understanding, we analysed what people are searching online to find any trends that are emerging. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Marketing Spend in 2022

The cost of living crisis is continuing to take hold in the UK, with inflation having peaked above 10% in July and projected to soar as high as 18.6% in January. This is affecting businesses as well as households, with the former exposed to sharper price hikes as they’re not subject to the same price […]

Do Flyers Really Work for Businesses in 2023?

There’s no doubt about it; brands and advertisers are becoming increasingly preoccupied with digital marketing channels in the modern age. This is especially true in the UK, which is widely considered to be the largest market for digital ad spending across the whole of Europe. For example, digital channels accounted for an estimated 63.6% of […]

Why is Brand Awareness Important for Business Growth? [Updated 2022]

This is borne out by numerous statistics, with a whopping 77% of all B2B marketers claiming that the development of brand awareness is pivotal to growth. It’s arguably even more important for customer-focused businesses, who can leverage awareness to build trust and inspire loyalty. In the post below, we’ll explore the concept of brand awareness […]

5 Ways To Make Money From Your Commercial Property in 2022

With Britain having voted by a narrow margin to leave the EU, we have seen a considerable economic fall-out begin to unfold. One area that does not seem to have been so adversely affected so far is the commercial property market in the UK, with investors from outside of the EU flocking to the capital in a bid to capitalise on the fluctuating pound.

15 Of The Most Iconic Advertising Campaigns Of All Time

It’s estimated that the global ad market grew by an impressive 15.6% through 2021, with this driven largely by digital marketing channels. In fact, digital advertising will account for more than 60% of the total spend in 2022, rising incrementally and encouraging brands to invest more across a broad range of markets. Historically, of course, […]

The Top Affordable Ways To Advertise Your Business

While the coronavirus pandemic may have had a devastating impact on the economy and a whole range of industries, some entities have recorded a pronounced recovery through 2021. This recovery is reflected by the total ad spend figures in the UK, with this number increasing by 86.5% to reach £7.6 billion in Q2 earlier this […]

The Ultimate Guide To Advertising Your New Business

At the start of 2020 there were an estimated 5.94 million small businesses trading in the UK, with many of these considered to be startup ventures that employ fewer than 50 people. This number accounts for 99.3% of all businesses currently in operation, while employing an estimated 16.8 million (61% of the total private sector […]

Brand Building Tips for Small Businesses

A universal challenge that many small businesses face is the question of, “how can I build a unique, identifiable brand?” This is particularly true in competitive marketplaces, where new companies are often required to compete aggressively with established brands and start-ups that share a similar value proposition. In this respect, the key to success lies […]

How To Use Outdoor Advertising to Gain Online Publicity

What if we told you that it’s possible to land online press coverage and boost the profile of your brand without necessarily needing to hire an established PR firm to work on your behalf? This is excellent news for small businesses, who can leverage outdoor advertising (OOH) and digital marketing channels to achieve national headlines […]